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Recently, the government of Romania passed legislation for the execution of stray dogs if they are not re-homed within 14 days. This law has been challenged and is currently subject to debate. Nevertheless, many Mayors in Romania have ordered the culls of dogs. Moreover, the standards of public shelters are extremely poor with a high rate of neglect and cruel treatment of dogs. The efforts by independent local rescuers is assisted by many in Europe. There have been protests all over the world objecting to the new law. For an introduction to the plight of Romanian dogs, please read the two articles here and here

Romanian Emergency Dog Rescue is an online effort to facilitate the rescue stray dogs from their tragic fate. The website is designed to assist all rescue organisations in Romania and elsewhere with the publicity of information. 

In addition, the main aim is to offer free publicity to stray dogs who require homes/donations/other help. 

We also hope to create a centralised resource of information concerning the plight of Romanian stray dogs. Our main aim is to provide maximum publicity to stray dogs who require help. 

All proceeds from this website will go towards assisting local rescue organisations.


Gina Chron said...

Gina Chronowicz
One unspayed female, her offspring, all their offspring etc etc ends up breeding tens of thousands of descendants within 3 or 4 yrs. Only solution is spay/sterilise. Figures show, officially, no more bites occur than any other city of same population. Those 3 firms contracted to do the work -a dentist, a furniture dealer and a business management office (no experience of dogs) are very obviously in with corrupt officials, splitting appx €200 paid to catch each dog when €10 would be normal. Romania are incompetent and savage with no animal welfare. Never visit. Public funds are being slid to the local officials, all holding their sticky bloodstained hands out for their bit of the pie. So sorry for all those dogs abandoned by cruel, uncaring people.
1 hour ago

Gina Chron said...

I would like to know the true story of the child's tragic death since it keeps changing. I wonder why, and who benefits.

Saintfrancis Bucuresti said...

St Francisc shelter near Bucharest, the biggest shelter which has 350 animals, need your HELP, please. We rescued for DEAD 45 pupps and 50 adult dogs in the last month. We have NO internal Romanian sponsor for food. We are hardly feeding and care them. Yesterday we vaccinated 46 from them, to maintain the health in shelter, but we can not feed them, at least 2500 kg of dry food/month we need.
pls, enter and see our page on fb: