Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dogs Dead In Breasta, Craiova

Statements of several representatives of animal protection associations in Craiova received dramatic confirmation yesterday. Shelter Administration admitted that they started to euthanize hundreds of dogs lately, the argument is preparing for dogs adopted from remote areas. The procedure was not announced any animal protection associations nor the Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety Authority Dolj. Animals were euthanized by stealth, the documents signed by the attorney of the mayor.

Some horrendous pictures began circulating on Tuesday the social network Facebook have terrified a whole community: a speaker in a paddock of canine shelter Breasta Bridge was pictured bloodied, while a caretaker cleaning. This photo prompted us to go to the dog shelter to find out what happens, and the statements of representatives of animal protection associations, claiming that hundreds of dogs have disappeared from the paddocks. "The photos were taken at the paddock 2 and they probably reflect a brawl that took place between the dogs, it was very much fresh blood in two speakers. Of course, as usual, caregivers say they have not noticed any of these things ... This is not new, the fact that they do not intervene in any such situation. Motivation at least verbal, which gave us one of the caregivers were traces of blood that come from meat offered as food during the day Monday. Obviously, it could not be so, because it was very fresh blood, "he told Oliviu Miu, authorized representative of the Association" Hope for Animals "in relation to service management of stray dogs.

Daily feeding decreased: from 28 to eight bags of food

NGOs surprise, however, is the sudden disappearance of hundreds of dogs. "This I believe has less relevance to the situation created by the disappearance of hundreds of dogs in the shelter since 25 January onwards. It's just a fact that adds maybe one was talking about, but not directly related to him. Disappearance talking about and is about shelter management is much more difficult to prove and highlighted [...] By law, the procedure that you know. There must be an appointee of the mayor who signs each card individually euthanasia if it were to refer only to the situation here in the shelter. If that has been authorized and signed, you probably now have hand cramp after many cards signed. I believe that ultimately the situation here requires an investigation, "said Oliviu Miu.

Oliviu Miu's words are supported by Aurelia Loacă, president of the Association "Animal Life". "I think they were made ​​(photos - no) yesterday. Indeed, I saw a huge puddle of blood on the floor. The explanation they gave employees here is that it is the blood coming from the food that dogs are given, but it is impossible for this to happen, because this does not give food like meat unprepared. Products come, I know, are frozen type salami, meat can not be used for human consumption, but not talking about fresh meat as blood flowing. It is clear that something is happening here, it is clear that there is the same number of dogs that was a few weeks ago. We can appreciate that after receiving food: before the service are given an amount of about 28 bags per day, plus what we bring, so 280 pounds or yesterday were given eight sacks. So it is clear that the number of dogs, but from this point of view, is less than half of how many have been here, "argued Aurelia Loacă.

How many dogs were euthanized? "Several hundred"

Unfortunately, the suspicions of animal protection associations were confirmed by voice shelter manager Jean embraced. He said that hundreds of dogs were euthanized, the ultimate argument paddock for dogs issue would be taken away. "I want to tell you that in the end do nothing and only what the legislature said, I applied 258 (Law no. 258/2013, Law" Ionut "- no) with the idea that, as I said last time I had a discussion with you, that once housed almost overcrowded. I had to resort to euthanasia legislation allows me the idea that you have to make room in the house and put away for adoption of necessary space in the shelter, "said embraced. Asked how many dogs were euthanized, he said: "A few hundred". In a few weeks, on January 9, the start of the campaign "Save a life! Adopt "Gazeta de Sud Foundation and the Association" Animal Life ", Jean embraced stated that" there is no question of euthanasia at the moment. For now, we have nothing to discuss euthanasia opposite. I want to say this thing, my purpose is not to euthanize dogs, my purpose is different. My goal is to comply with the legislation through. I do not take no pleasure to euthanize dogs, frankly. Certainly I'll stay as long as this institution is not going to happen, and I will prove to any controls that will do exactly what the law says. "

Pool of blood from a dog that was "hanging wall"

As the pool of blood in photos of people who happened to be there, the manager claims that it is a hurt dog. "From all the information I have and everything I have been informed by veterinary technician there and caregivers in the shelter, the blood that comes from the leg of a dog that simply hanging enclosing fence of the house," he embraced said.

Cristian Popescu, Director SC Sanitation Craiova SRL, under shelter dog that is said to have begun mass euthanasia to free up space for dogs adopted from distance, but it had no application in this regard. Adoption fee was established by decision of the local council, £ 250 a month for a dog. "I announced the start of euthanasia because they could legally start from December 13, 2013, the approved rules enforcement, but we have not started since. I think we're one of the last cities in the country where it started. These euthanasia want to create places for dogs to be taken away. You must allocate space than a third of shelter for these adoptions, but have not received so far any such requirement. To not take unoccupied, gather all shelter dogs and release locations upon request. Craiova there are rules on stray dogs, but should be adapted to the new law, and I think this will happen in the next city council meeting. For us, the law is the regulation by which we operate. Following discussions that we had, first dogs euthanized sick, suffering, "the director of Sanitation.

DSV knew: "We have noticed, we can control"

From the statements of representatives of animal protection associations that they were not notified of the start of mass euthanasia, they not knowing what happens to dogs. No Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority Dolj was not announced, although it must supervise if properly incinerated corpses of dogs and hygiene rules are respected. "I suspect that is legal that we announced ourselves. If you meet the conditions provided by law and passed the time required for supervision and maintenance were probably other veterinary medical reasons and I can not say that we have written to us that they started euthanasia. It is a procedure that is respected. They manage canine shelter in legally, if they meet the legal conditions are responsible for what they do. We only control. We have noticed, we can control, "said Costică Network deputy director and spokesman DSVSA County, after learning of the GDS that it is several hundred dogs.


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