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An NGO from Luxembourg contacts the Parliament regarding the contract between Danyflor and the Timisoara City Hall

The Danyflor-shelter in Timisoara has been featured in an important local media outlet yesterday after OFA had exposed this shelter in February 2013.

At that time the poor dogs at the Danyflor-shelter were left to die of dehydration and starvation although the City Hall payed 60,000-70,000 Romanian Leu per month (13,700 - 16,000 euros) to care for the dogs. 

The mayor had also publicly announced that they would conduct mass-sterilizations, which would be very very commendable, if it would then have happened.

When the local animal protection association visited the shelter on 13th of February, 2013 they were heartbroken seeing in what utterly deplorable conditions the animals had been kept.

Following OFA's intervention and a meeting between the mayor and the local animal welfare people the conditions at the Danyflor-shelter have considerably improved but a few improvements still need to be carried out and we will now engage in new discussions and try to get Danyflor to declare "no kill"... and for this we need your support. 

Below the online translated article that has been featured yesterday at: 

Few of us know that "Occupy for Animals" a nonprofit organisation based in Luxembourg, initiated a petition that advertising contract with Danyflor Timisoara City Hall, the company that takes care of stray dogs of Timisoara. This organization sent a public letter to Mayor Nicolae Robu, after receiving photos of shelter Danyflor. 

"Occupy for Animals" sought explanations for the money and how animals are treated at the shelter dogs. More sensitized to what is currently happening in Romania, "Occupy for Animals" has published several articles on the organization's website. For the case of Timisoara, they initiated a petition that has collected 4938 signatures so far, addressed to the European Parliament Jose Manuel Barroso and Secretary presedintelele organization Eurogroup for Animals, Andreas Erler, European leader in animal protection. The organization launched in September 2013 a petition to the European Parliament, which wanted to stop euthanizing dogs in Romania.

The photos displayed on the website of the organization, led by Pia Berrend are terrifying and have been published, some of them after the visit that took place on February 13, 2013 at Danyflor shelter. Images captured by photographer Claudia Bejan reflects the deplorable situation of dogs, the way they were treated and shortage of humanism, which causes you shiver now, even if you're not a lover of animals.

It seems that in this situation "outside help" was welcome. The true face of indifference Danyflor and local government, in connection with the contract Danyflor were published and this NGO abroad who wants to stop animal abuses and "leakage" of money, which amounted to 20,000 euro per month.

In the published document, the organization talks about Danyflor shelter as "a prison where the only way out is death." At the end of 2012, Danyflor estimate a total of 8,000 stray dogs, while other organizations Timisoara says it is much smaller. "Occupy for Animals", believes that these estimates were made to bring more money in accounts Danyflor.

Also, the petition document, specify the subject as they saw the shelter "inhuman conditions and horrible dead animals starving, dehydrated and near death."

This has not sensitized municipality that and now carries Danyflor contract in the same terms. Only in 2013, until August, Timisoara City Hall paid about 160,000 euros for the sterilization of 1,700 dogs and their collection on the street.

Even if the action "Open Doors Ziliele Danyflor" at the beginning of October, the dog shelter was cleaner, we can ask how the animals are cared for outside of these public views, as long as Timisoara City Hall has noticed irregularities, even when images were captured in February 2013. 

An article by 'Occupy for Animals" which referred to the situation of dogs in Romania and their petition, appeared in September in Norwegian newspaper "The Oslo Times".

For those interested, the petition can be viewed and signed here:

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