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The 266 "lawmakers" who first legalized mass murder in world history!

Although it is absolutely illegitimate, since people asked in the referendum of 2009 , the proportion of 88.84% a total of 300 MPs and a unicameral parliament, there are 266 beasts and allowed to incite murder ! - Results: three people killed and hundreds of wild-dogs within one month! Following the irresponsible actions of a queasy populism, these murderous beasts and probably psychotic with strong dereglaje psychological, Romania was drowned in blood. Following their decisions only three people died last month. Here the law HERE .

Read here:

Murder that rocked the city. He was killed in cold blood because he defended dog

Killed in cold blood because he defended dog

Kill stray dogs instead

Hundreds of toxic pills, scattered Navodari. A girl came to the hospital in serious condition

There are hundreds of documented cases of dogs across the country trans beheaded with nose cut, raped, crushed, burned alive, hanged, stoned to death with a crowbar or shovel.

Griviţa, a dog mutilated and left without bot could reach New York

Bleeding Romania. The truth about stray dogs from Romania (graphic images)

Resulted from these illegitimate, Romania's image had suffered serious! Romania Coat may be replaced, for now, the picture with the dog with broken nose lever , image that shook the world! Romania has not experienced before in history a more rapid and profound degradation of its image, with immediate results. A first consequence would be denied Schengen Romania, pointed up to date and allies such as France . A second consequence - boycott Romanian products on foreign markets and tourism in Romania, for whose promotion abroad are spent hundreds of millions of euro, money down the drain.

Conclusive evidence in this respect are hundreds of protests organized in most European countries against Romanian embassies! Italy, Finland, UK, Germany, Greece, and Turkey. and so on

If Romania was perceived until now, all because of the "activity" of the political class as a marginal colony populated by thieves, thieves, prostitutes and pimps, Romania has meanwhile become the world's pathological case. Are perceived now as a primitive people, tribal, deeply psychotic, wicked, bloodthirsty and powerful drive towards crime. This will, undoubtedly, serious consequences in terms of interaction with foreigners Romanian citizens, especially those who are working abroad. Their will henceforth be difficult to explain to foreigners who work do not have to fear to leave their family at home, children or pets.

We must not forget evolved psychological trauma suffered by the citizens of this country who, by virtue of education, high moral values ​​and beliefs of the degree of spiritual elevation can not accept mass murder, regardless of the justifications. Especially because the arguments are just grim joke.

We must not forget the trauma suffered by children who had been exposed for an entire month at a parade indecent information, photos and video materials presenting clearly unbelievable cases of mutilation of dogs.

Moreover, Romania is the first country in the world where mass murder is regulated by law. Even the Bolsheviks in Stalin's USSR did not have the courage to "legislate" mass murder, even if they practiced widely. Romania is the only country in the world where mass murder is enacted, encouraged and considered an act socially acceptable and even encouraged.

For all these organized crime groups from the worst kind of morally and intellectually pompous called Chamber of Deputies, have to take their own actions and to pay for these crimes. Together with Bolshevik groups of the Constitutional Court, the Presidency and the Romanian Patriarchate.

Each of the 266 who supported directly in the crime must pay its own name for it.

150x150 baseball killer list.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!150x150 clock list.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Liviu Harbuz appointed Secretary of State for Agriculture 150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!150x150 baseball ccr judges list.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!

Not have sought any culprits , those who initiated this hysteria with "television" to divert public attention from the subject of Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, and to cover bribes! In the end we chose two protests - one domestic and one international!

Traian Basescu - who signed into law three seconds "euthanasia" , after unwise decision CCR. In the spirit of enthusiasm villain we had used between 2000 and 2008 when they were "euthanized" the rank about 150,000 dogs in Bucharest.

Ponta - which opened declrarat for "euthanasia" ! Otherwise there was no way that the law is even initiated adviser, Alan Harbuz man Adrian Nastase's home.

LIVIU HARBUZ , the initiator of the law "euthanasia" councilor Victor Ponta, was man of the house of Adrian Nastase, supporter of GMO and Codex Alimentarius in Romania!

"Judges" THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT - which I had no problem with the constitutionality of "law" , found unconstitutional when an election situation allowed, two years before.

January. President Augustin Zegrean

February. Judge Valer DORNEANU

Three. Judge Peter Lăzăroiu

April. Judge Mircea Stefan Minea

May. Judge Daniel-Marius Morar

June. Judge Julia Motoc Antoanella

July. Judge Mona-Maria Pivniceru

August. Puskás, Zoltán Judge Valentin

September. Judge Tudorel Toader

PHOTO OF THE LIST-266. IATA LIST "DEPUTIES" who voted for "euthanasia"

150x150 Picture1.2 list.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture2.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture3.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture4.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture5.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture6.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture7.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture8.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture9.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!Picture10.  150x150 LIST.  PHOTO.  The 266 MPs who legalized mass murder in the history of the world premiere!

Here below, and LIST-"letter". On the website of the Chamber of Deputies, was elected displayed list who wanted euthanasia of stray dogs that are not adopted within 14 days. This time it was "unanimously" full, all parties voting for "euthanasia". We must not forget that the majority of individuals on these lists have criminal records or have been known to serious corruption.

Here Here the 266 lawmakers who voted "FOR"

January. Adam John PSD
2. Adăscăliţei Constantin PSD
3. Amet Varol Mino.
4. ANDEA Peter PSD
5. Andronache Gabriel PNL
6. Roxana-Florentina Anuşca PNL
7. Arsene Ionel PSD
8. Constantin Avram PC
9. Marian Avram PSD
10. Axente John PSD
11. Babus Radu PSD
12. Puddle Michael PSD
13. Băişanu Stefan Alexandru PNL
14. Ion Balan PSD
15. Ionut Daniel Barbulescu PSD-
16. Eugen Bejinariu PSD
17. Benga John PSD
18. Liberal Vasile Berci
19. Ana Birchall PSD
20. Freshman Gabriel Valentin PSD
21. Bode Lucian Nicolae PDL
22. Bogdan Gheorghe Danut PSD-
23. László Borbély UDMR
24. Octavian Bot PNL
25. Buican Cristian PNL
26. Buicu Corneliu Florin PSD-
27. Canacheu Costică PDL
28. Boiler Mircea Vasile PNL
29. Ion Calin PSD
30. Cataniciu asterisk taste PNL
31. Florica Cherecheş PNL
32. Dumitru Chirita PSD
33. Chirtes Ioan-Cristian PNL
34. Lawrence Chirvasuta PSD
35. Gheorghe Ciobanu PSD
36. Liliana Ciobanu PP-DD
37. Dan Hammer PSD
38. Tamara Ciofu Dorina PSD-
39. Ion-Marcel Ciolacu PSD
40. Ciubotaru Lucian-Manuel PNL
41. Ciucă Liviu Bogdan PC
42. Ciurariu Florin PNL
43. Erland hull PNL
44. Gheorghe Coman PC
45. Cornel Comsa George PP-DD-
46. Alexandru Vlad Cosma PSD
47. Dorel Covaci PSD
48. Gregory Crăciunescu PNL
49. Aurelia Cristea PSD
50. Victor Cristea PSD
51. Cristian Horia PNL
52. Zoltán Attila Cseke-UDMR
53. Culetu Dănuţ PDL
54. Ion Liberal Cup
55. Cupşa John PNL
56. Petre Daea PSD
57. Dascălu Constantin PDL
58. Virgil Delureanu PSD
59. Mihai-Bogdan Diaconu PSD
60. Dima Toader PSD
61. Diniţă Ion PC
62. Dirzu John PSD
63. Anton Dobos PNL
64. Mircea Dobre Titus PSD-
65. Dobrinescu Traian PNL
66. Dolha Nechita-Stelian PNL
67. Dolineaschi Andrei PSD
68. Mihai-Aurel Donţu PNL
69. Gheorghe Dragomir PNL
70. Marian Viorel Dragomir PSD
71. Gheorghe Mircea Draghici PSD-
72. Sonia-Maria Draghici PSD
73. Drăguşanu Catalin Vasile PC-
74. Dumbrăvanu Paul PNL
75. Dumitrache Ileana Cristina PSD
76. Dumitru Georgica PC
77. Mircea Dusa PSD
78. Emacu George PSD
79. Marian Enache PSD
80. Cosmin Constantin Enea PNL
81. Eparu Ion PSD
82. Erdei Dolóczki István UDMR
83. László Fejér-Odon UDMR
84. Relu Fenechiu PNL
85. Firczak George Mino.
86. Florea Damian PC
87. Frăticiu George PSD
88. Galan Constantin PNL
89. Ovidiu Victor Gant Mino.
90. Hen Mihăiţă PSD
91. Dominic Andrew Gere PNL
92. Florin Gheorghe PDL
93. George Tinel PDL
94. Marian Ghiveciu PSD
95. Dumitru Gireada Verginel PNL
96. Gliga Vasile Ghiorghe PSD
97. Horia Grama PSD
98. Grapini Maria PC
99. Mircea Grosaru Mino.
100. Vasile Gudu PDL
101. Gunia Dragos Ionel PDL
102. Guran Virgil PNL
103. Taste Balosin Florentin PSD
104. Slavomir Gvozdenovici Mino.
105. Melon Liviu PSD
106. Carmen Eleonora Hărău PNL
107. Basil Horga PNL
108. Iacoban Sorin Avram PSD-
109. Iulian Iancu PSD
110. Jannes Ovidiu-Cristian PSD
111. Basil Iliuţă PDL
112. Aurelian Ionescu PC
113. George Ionescu PDL
114. Florin Iordache PSD
115. Irimie Vincent-Mircea PC
116. Iriza Scarlat PSD
117. Itu Cornel PSD
118. Atilla-Béla Kelemen László UDMR-
119. Károly Kerekes UDMR
120. Gábor Kereskényi UDMR
121. Camelia Khraibani PSD
122. Attila Korodi UDMR
123. Laza-mation Liviu PDL
124. Mircea Lubanovici PDL
125. Liberal Mihai Lupu
126. Man Mircea PDL
127. Claudiu Iulian Manda PSD
128. Manea Victor-George PNL
129. Marius Manolache PSD
130. Oana Manolescu Mino.
131. Vlad Marcoci PSD
132. Mark Nicu PNL
133. Marin Gheorghe PSD
134. Marko Attila Gabor UDMR-
135. Marocico Ion Mino.
136. Martin Eduard-Stelian PSD
137. Márton Árpád-Francis UDMR
138. UDMR András Levente Máté-
139. Mazilu Constantin PSD
140. Flavius ​​Maduta Luigi PSD-
141. Melinte Ion PP-DD
142. Ion-Bogdan Mihailescu PSD
143. Lucian Militaru PDL
144. Razvan mironescu Horia PNL
145. Gabriel Mirza PSD
146. Adrian Mocanu PSD
147. John Moldovan PC
148. Iosif Moldovan UDMR
149. Zsolt Molnar UDMR
150. Motreanu Dan-Stefan PNL
151. Mot Stelian Constantin Emil PSD-
152. Peter mound PDL
153. Mircea Muntean PDL
154. Ioan Munteanu PSD
155. Rodica Nassar PSD
156. Alexandru Nazare PDL
157. Marian Neacşu PSD
158. Necula Cosmin PSD
159. Negruţ Clement -
160. Dan Nica PSD
161. PSD Nicolae Ciprian Nica-
162. Nicoară Romeo Florin PNL
163. Nicholas Alexandri PNL
164. Nicolae Florian PSD
165. George-NLP Eugen Nicolaescu
166. Theodor-Catalin Nicolescu PNL
167. Eugen Nicolicea PSD
168. Niculae Aurel PNL
169. Dumitru Niculescu PP-DD
170. Nicolae Bogdan Niculescu Duvăz PSD
171. Nistor Marioara PP-DD
172. Nita Emil PSD
173. Nosa Julius PSD
174. Eye Ion PSD
175. Ioan Oltean PDL
176. Ionel hat PNL
177. Dumitru Pardău PNL
178. Maria-Andreea Paul PDL
179. Nicolae Paun Mino.
180. Pârgaru Ion PNL
181. Pâslaru Florin Costin PSD-
182. Adrian-Alin Petrache PSD
183. Silviu Dorin Petric PSD
184. Petric Octavian PSD
185. Eusebius-Manea-Popa Pistru PDL
186. Cristina-Ancuţa Pocora PNL
187. PSD Georgian Pop
188. Basil Popeangă PSD
189. Dan-Cristian Popescu PDL
190. Iulian Dumitru Popescu PSD
191. Aurelian Popescu Florin PDL
192. Raeţchi Ovidiu Alexandru PC
193. Ion Răducanu PSD
194. Catalin Radulescu-Marian PSD
195. Constantin Radulescu PSD
196. Radulescu PDL Romeo
197. Răţoi Neculai PSD
198. Resmeriţă Cornel-Cristian PSD
199. Rizea Cristian PSD
200. Roman Cristian Constantin PDL
201. Roman George PSD
202. Sorin Ioan Roman PSD
203. Victor Roman PSD
204. Rosca Lucretia PSD
205. Razvan Rotaru PC
206. Samartinean Cornel Mircea PDL-
207. Nini Săpunaru PNL
208. Săvoiu Ionut Cristian PSD-
209. Scarlat George PNL
210. Schelean Valeria Diana PDL
211. Rye Florin Michael PDL
212. Seres Dénes UDMR
213. Simedru Dan Coriolan PNL
214. Constantin Adrian Simionescu PSD
215. Smarandache Miron Alexander PP-DD
216. Stan Ioan PSD
217. Stan Ion PSD
218. Anghel Stanciu PSD
219. Stanciu Zisu PSD
220. Alexandru Stanescu PSD
221. Stănişoară Michael PNL
222. Steriu Valeriu Andrei PSD-
223. Mihaela Stoica -
224. Stoica Stefan Bucur PDL
225. Stragea Sorin Constantin PSD
226. Raluca Surdu PNL
227. Szabó Ödön UDMR
228. Simon George PSD
229. Stefan Viorel PSD
230. Elena Catalina Stefanescu PSD
231. Ştirbu Gigel-Sorinel PNL
232. Tabugan Ion PSD
233. Gheorghe Talos Mirel PNL-
234. Tămâian John PNL
235. Florin-Cristian Tataru PSD
236. Teju Sorin PNL
237. Catalin Tiuch PSD
238. Tîlvăr Angel PSD
239. Mircea Toader Nicu PDL-
240. Tocuţ Dan Lawrence PNL
241. Eugen Tomac -
242. Violeta Tudorie PSD
243. Tudose Michael PSD
244. Adriana Aunt Diana -
245. Rosca Ţigăeru Lawrence PNL
246. Radu Bogdan during PNL
247. Udrişte George PDL
248. Elena-Ramona Uioreanu PNL
249. Urcan Ionaş-Florin PDL
250. Uricec Eugen Constantin PSD
251. Aurel Vainer Mino.
252. Lucia Ana Varga PNL-
253. Varga Basil PNL
254. Vasilică Radu Costin PSD
255. Charioteer Sergiu Constantin PSD
256. Julian vladu PDL
257. Vlase Peter Gabriel PSD
258. Aurel Vlădoiu PSD
259. Mihai Alexandru Voicu PNL
260. Weather Valerian -
261. Vulpescu John PSD
262. Michael Weber PSD
263. Zaharcu Neviser PSD
264. Daniel-Catalin Zamfir PNL
265. Valeriu Zgonea Stephen PSD
266. Zisopol Dragos Gabriel Mino.

Members who abstained (LASI without cohones)

January. Blaja-Ionel Viorel - Abstain
2. Alin Constantin Bucur - Abstain
3. Eugen Chebac PP-DD Abstain
4. Ovidiu-Ioan Dumitru - Abstain
5. Fenechiu Catalin-Daniel PP-DD Abstain
6. Cast PP-DD Nutu Abstain
7. Mark Viorica Liberal Abstention
8. Marian Ion Cristinel - Abstain
9. Merka Adrian-Miroslav Mino. Abstention
10. Mihai Aurelian - Abstain
11. Ileana Carmen Moldovan Abstention PSD
12. Nikita Cristina PSD Abstention
13. Vlad Nistor George-NLP Exclusion
14. Viorel Palasca Liberal Abstention
15. Octavian Popa Marius Liberal Abstention-
16. Marine James - Abstain
17. Scutaru Adrian George Liberal Abstention
18. Scaffolding Ion - Abstain
19. Tararache Mihai - Abstain
20. Madalina-Ştefan Voicu PSD Abstention

The seven MPs who did not vote today:

January. Roberta Alma Anastase PDL -
2. István Antal UDMR -
3. Valentin Blanariu PP-DD -
4. Daniel-Stamate Budurescu NLP -
5. Gera Giureci-Slobodan Mino. -
6. Longher Ghervazen ​​Mino. -
7. Raluca Turcan PDL -

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