Thursday, 12 September 2013

FIRE Mr Iulian Badescu. The Mayor of Ploiesti.

The Death Camp Mayor .
Resign Now. 

Badescu (born May 21, 1974, Cărbuneşti, Prahova , Romania ) is a Romanian politician, elected as a senator of Prahova in 2008 by the Liberal Democratic Party and in the meantime become a member of the Social Democratic Party . [1] He was elected when the College no. 2 senator constituency no. 31 Prahova (covering the city of Ploiesti , cities Plopeni and Slănic and municipalities in their area). PSD is deputy leader of the parliamentary group of the Social Liberal Union Senate and candidate for mayor by the municipality in local elections in June 2012. He can be found on Twitter here

Recently a message appeared on Facebook. This is what it said. 

**PLEASE READ**The mayor of Ploiesti has announced publicly that he hates animals and wants all strays killed as of 13th September, but a very trusted contact of mine has just confirmed that around 100 public shelter dogs were killed today! They have also taken her 5 strays we were trying to save!! Around 200 dogs were caught by the dog catchers in the are in the last 4 days!!! WELCOME TO ROMANIA 2013!!! [Source].

Previously a petition was signed by more than 2000 people. Visit the petition here. It is currently closed but will hopefully reopen so check back to it soon. This is the text. 

"No day passes by without horrible news about mass killings of stray dogs and cats in Romania. This time mass poisoning of dogs ( and other small animals ) has been reported in PLOIESTI - Prahova County - Romania...  

It has come to our attention that "squads" of dog catchers operate at night in many neighborhoods in Ploiesti, picking up dogs and possibly placing POISON....It seems OBVIOUS that the town hall of Ploiesti is NOT stranger to their activities, there for THIS TOWN MUST BE BOYCOTTED...and shamed in front of the entire world. 
The law enforcement agencies have been informed, YET the chances that the local Police will do everything in their power to find him and to prosecute him, are quite I guess we need to pressure them....because this is Romania and they take very very lightly these crimes... 

It also might be possible that ,at least some of local authorities KNOW what is going on and maybe THEY decided to "clean up " the streets in this MOST BARBARIC and despicable manner....Prahova County and its capital city PLOIESTI< are already NOTORIOUS for so many crimes against animals gone UNPUNISHED because way too many times the POLICE does not even bother to investigate and because way too many times, THOSE who are already known of committing crimes ( intentional killings of animals ) have "friends" in high places....

A local article accompanying the petition stated as follows :-

Scene nightmare, this morning, for several Ploiesti Nord living near the city bus station. Several dogs were found dead by employees of a car service in the area, most likely being poisoned.

People argue that quadrupeds who hang out in the area are vaccinated and sterilized and, moreover, are very gentle. Animal Protection Association representatives were informed by residents and, shortly after the shocking discovery, went to the palace administration. At present, they are waiting to enter the supbrepfectul Rodica Paraschiv because, they say, more than a week in several areas of the city were found dead dogs, quadruped sterilized and maintained by them. In addition, representatives of the Association for the Protection of Animals will later today submitted an application to Ploiesti City Hall requesting authorization to conduct a protest on the issue. See below for images of dogs poisoned in the North area of ​​the city.

The piece had distressing images of dogs who had been poisoned. Please review original photography here. Anyone with more information, please contact us. We are happy to receive anonymous tips from whistleblowers within the town. Also, photographic evidence will be welcome.

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