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ASPA gives a catch of 219 lei per dog. A dental firm contracted as dogcatcher

MONEY • September 12, 2013 - 4:10 p.m. • Amalia Balabaneanu. Original Article was in Romanian. It has been translated here. 

City Hall paid £ 219 each for catching stray dogs, in the context of specialized NGOs argue that municipalities should not pay more than £ 10 each for the capture and transport of stray dogs. None of the companies that will collect stray dogs on the streets of Bucharest has nothing in common with animals: one sells furniture, the second provides dental care and other management consultancy.

Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals (ASPA) signed on Monday September 9 contracts with three of the seven companies that participated in the tender organized by the school in order to supplement teams raising dogs without owner in Bucharest. For each dog catching municipality will pay £ 219 in the context of FOUR PAWS representatives say that the municipality should not pay more than £ 10 for each dog catching and transport.

" The declarations of the Directors of the ASPA know that some companies were presented. Some companies were sent home because they did not correspond cars. For a machine can carry dogs must be authorized by the Veterinary Directorate. I doubt that owned a car of the contracted companies now have this authorization. did not cost you anything to prepare the cars and prepare to have ventilation. DSV when I drive to where it meets the conditions, and it says you can carry a number of dogs. usually fit 10 dogs in a car. Amount of £ 219 for catching a dog is mega huge. normally should cost around £ 10 max. lei and 10's a lot. tranquilizer maximum cost for a dog 5 lei, put oil yet reach 5 lei and 10 lei. course going to send a car to catch one dog. If he sent a car for one dog it would cost 10 lei. If we multiply 10 lei 10 dogs We have 100 lei car. MDL 100 miles I can go to do-away here and go back. And that's a lot. Ages 10 lei to 219 lei per dog dog does not understand how much it costs , "said Kuki Barbuceanu, FOUR PAWS project coordinator.

" The Authority will pay for the operation of a dog mounting sum of £ 219 , the price is set after tendering procedure "ASPA representatives announced in a press release issued  B The amount paid by the municipality for one dog equals catching taxi transport over a distance of about 157 km (given that taxi price is 1,39 lei / km), or about the distance from Bucharest to Focsani . However, the two shelters of City Hall is located on Boulevard Pallady Sector 3 and the town Mihăileşti Giurgiu county, 25 km from the capital.

Although ASPA representatives argue that the selection was made ​​by a private pound auction in reality, Electronic Procurement System has not published any notice of this kind. The only ad ASPA conducted on these services was made ​​by an invitation published on its website. Number of operators who will be invited to tender or to participate was limited to about 10 companies, the award was made ​​by the lowest price.  invitation can be seen here .

From furniture, dental and management, the need to catch the dog pound the streets of Bucharest

Companies that have signed the framework agreement with ASPA for catching stray dogs on the streets of the capital are:

- SC GREEK BASIC BUSINESS SRL - founded in 2012 and, according to information published on the website of the Ministry of Finance, has as main activity "Business and management consultancy activities."

- SC BEST MARKETING SRL - founded in 2004 and, according to the Ministry of Finance, has NACE "dental care activities." At the end of 2012 the company had five employees and the loss of 53,400 lei.

- SC Terra Marique Ltd - registered in 2005, according to Ministry of Finance, is the main activity, according to CAEN classification, "intermediation in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery."

Firms SC TURBO PET MOBILE Ltd PET STUFF UNIVERSE SRL and SC RADIUS VET SRL withdrew. The evaluations found that SC PUPPY VET SRL has not complied with the documentation requirements of the framework agreement regard, say representatives of ASPA.

"I have been accused have not done anything so far, but people need to know that we stopped a day of catching and lifting stray dogs on the streets. Institiţiei After voting for the budget in late April, the projects, including and the outsourcing of catching stray dogs were found for 30 days for public debate, as required by law, and were approved by the General Council of Bucharest. date the project was entered into force in August July that after councilors gave general vote was necessary to supplement acts amendments voted. tender procedure was initiated immediately and held within the legal deadlines provided by GEO 34/2006 with subsequent amendments regarding the award of procurement, "said Razvan BANCESCU - Project Coordinator at ASPA, in press.

In the field it is currently 11 cars with a total of 32 table (ASPA yet act with three cars and eight catchers).

ASPA claims that interfere with priority catchers teams around schools and kindergartens in view of the fact that on 16 September starts the new school year. After completing interventions around the schools, the parks will continue interventions in the Capital. Later, after Completion of schools, kindergartens, parks, crews will continue catchers of dogs lifting operations without holding the addresses that have been reported or identified packs.

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Polonia said...

Well, we need a lot of dog catchers inside Bucharest to trace and catch all stray dogs that wonder on any street there.
I heard that only Bucharest hosts more than 65,000 stray dogs and only a few dog catchers are not enough to sove the issue.

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