Thursday, 19 September 2013

Romanian Psychologist's Viewpoint.


Renowned Romanian Psychologist, Hanibal Dumitrescu, in a recent TV broadcast in the company of the Romanian Europarliamentarian - writer, poet - Corneliu Vadim Tudor. Here it is the translation of what Mr. Dumitrescu said :

"Thousand of years ago we decided to domesticated THE DOG. The moment we decided to take that step, we deprived him of his freedom to live in the wilderness. We became the ones responsible for the fate of this animal. We decided for him to live near us, and not free anymore.

Man, by his own destiny, is the most powerful creature on this planet but he also has responsibilities.
In general , those who have power,do not quite understand this . The more power one has, the bigger the responsibilities. Do not abuse your power. If we do not learn, or learn again, to love and cherrish the animals, we will becomes animals, ourselves.We must educate people to adopt these animals. We must build shelters.

This campaign which escalated recently, is a major social conflict - in my opinion - which divided us.
The Romanian society is dived in two. There is a precipice between us and this is very serious. One can not discuss rationally from opposite positions  when one is driven by extreme emotions.

In a social conflict, reason is eliminated, left aside. People bring in silly arguments and this is how tragedies happen, and and for this to happen, on dangerous step is enough."

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