Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Greeks Are Coming.

Exclusive - DC News.

EXCLUSIVE - Over a hundred Greeks come to Romania . Protest anti -euthanasia and adopt strays

Romania received a red card and from Greece for providing euthanasia bill within 14 days of the stray dogs that are not claimed or adopted . Over a hundred Greeks protested in front of the Romanian Embassy in Greece. They were involved in the fight against euthanasia of stray dogs in our country. Anti -euthanasia peaceful protesters will come to Romania , in a humanitarian mission . The goal is to non -violent protest against the legalization of euthanasia of stray dogs and adopt stray dogs , which we would kill them if CCR mass decide that the amendments adopted by MEPs are constitutional .

Greek protesters solidarity with the movement of animal lovers in Romania . In order to protest stated that they are aware of the serious and tragic recent events in Romania and want to support those who mourn for the victims of these events. Protesters in Greece will leave Friday . Peaceful demonstration will take place on Saturday .

One of the protesters , Iainna Pseftinakoy said for why News that adopt stray dogs from shelters in Romania . She works with a Kennel protecting stray animals .

Adoption is a cumbersome process , protesters Greeks were informed that Romania no longer issue passports for sending their dogs from Romania to Greece.

Iainna Pseftinakoy said: " We understand that we are not allowed to leave the dogs in Romania to Athens , because no free animal passports to leave the country ." She added that they will take the necessary steps " to adopt a dog , or to prepare everything needed for passports , vaccinations , microchip , sterilization , and then we will send in Romania, Greece, in cages , as normal " .

In 2011, a dog of Greece was named Person of the Year

In 2011 , a stray dog in Greece was declared by Time Magazine Person of the Year . Loukanikos , as it was called by protesters , stood first, fighting every moment with gendarmes and tear gas . Later he was adopted .

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