Friday, 18 July 2014

Greece :- Stray Puppy Beaten to Death


North Evia: A 3.5 months old stray puppy beaten to death by the owner of a fish restaurant. A demonstration will take place on Saturday the 19th 

On July the 18th, during the early morning, the owner of a fish restaurant at the port of Nea Styra, North Evia, Greece, killed a 3,5 month old stray dog by beating it on the head with a wooden chair and distorting his skull.

Eyewitnesses called the police immediately which, due to incompetency, directed them to the Hellenic Coast Guard of Nea Styra of Evia. 

According to their statements, the businessman said that he was “hassled by seeing the dog hanging out in front of his restaurant and got bored with kicking it”. Two people of the Hellenic Coast Guard arrived some minutes later, but the offender was gone. They recorded the incident, noted down the statements of the eyewitnesses and took photos of the puppy, barely breathing. 

The animal was transported to a veterinary surgeon at 5 am. Unfortunately, due to severe lesions on his skull the puppy was put to sleep; Miss Tapouti, Veterinary Surgeon, took an X-ray and prepared a report which includes her opinion. Both documents have been deposed to the Karystos DA and will be the main evidence on the case. The Hellenic Coast Guard is collecting evidence from eyewitnesses, so the DA of Karystos can issue an order of immediate arrest of the offender, even beyond the flagrant crime procedure.

On Saturday the 19th of July, a demonstration in front of the Restaurant “Psistaria O Kostas” is oranized by animal welfare activists, the habitans of Styra, Evia and tourists on vacation in the area

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