Thursday, 6 February 2014

Excuses from Craiova

-The introductory part of the report:

say about that in shelter of Craiova began  the euthanasia  already;
nor local governmental associations or sanitary veterinary direction were not announced by the shelter  about this  even though the law requires that and so, the euthanasia was made behide close doors !

-From 0:35 the legal representative of the Municipality and the one who has the right to sign the euthanasia document for the application procedure say “
“After all, I did nothing elese then what the legislator asked me to do and beside that , the law of euthanasia gives me the righ to do, is that we started the euthanasia in the Craiova shelter because at one moment , the shelther was overpopulated and we also need to make free space for the dogs that will be adopted at distance .”
At the reporter question “How many dogs you euthanasied already “ he answer: “several hundred” 

From 1:45 Aurelia Loaca –the president of “Viata Animalelor” ( The life of animals) NGO talks :

We realized that many dogs were not there anymore by the total amount of food that was usually administered to the dogs from the shelter Craiova. The total bags number that was needed to feed all shelter per day was 20 bags from the shelter and other 8 bags that the NGO give to the dogs also but from a few days ago , she realized that just 8 bags of food were enough to feed the remained dogs so , she said” it is clear that the number of dogs is now less then a half “

-Reporter again
 “ The Sanitary Veterinary Directorate it was NOT  announced by those in shelter about the mass euthanasia even that those from this Institution must to ensure that the incineration of corpses dogs is made according to health norms .

Talking about the pictures with blood and about the fact that the shelter employees say that the blood comes from fresh meat which dogs were fed with and not from the dogs.

-At 3:04 OLIVU MIU –from Speranta pentru animale ( Hope for animals) NGO say :
“The blood was fresh and it was from a fight that took place between two dogs from a cage, the dogs are not supervised properly and that, just after the lunch break those from the shelter saw the blood and started to clean the cage”

At 4: 05. Again the administrator of the shelter talks “
“From all the information I have about the blood from the cage, I can tell you that it was from a dog that got his leg caught in the fence.” Asked by the reporter how the dog is now he said “ the dog is OK now “

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