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stanislaus said...

My name is Isabella Hillmayr, I live in Greece and am the manager of the “SGS – Save a Greek Stray” Animal Welfare organization.
We are outraged about the new law changes as well as the news about the people’s violent reaction. We are aware about the huge stray problem you have, especially in Bucharest.
As Greece struggles with their own “Stray Problem” we cannot ignore our European neighbors – however we will not be able to solve the stray issue in Romania, we would like to protest against the new measures as well as demonstrate to the EU and the world that in certain cases animal welfare people CAN unite and fight together.
For this purpose we are organizing a trip to Romania by bus (2) about 72 – 100 people.
We will come as an organized group with T-shirts, banners and bill boards.
We will present a letter of protest, as well as “act out symbolically” the solutions presented:
Donate towards a spay/neuter campaign with Aurelian.
Donate food towards feeding the shelter & Stray dogs.
Adopt 5 dogs or puppies (for transport reasons small to medium size) – we might take additional dogs, but a transport has to be found for them.
We will bring a video crew and if possible life stream news via internet. For certain we will present the news channels in Greece with the material.
We would like to have your local press cover our presence.

The busses will have banners – I hope to find red vehicles.

We want to discuss with you about your experience and your thoughts about the “stray problem”.

We want to express our unity with you and all animal lovers – WE ARE ONE!

If you are interested in a joint action, please get into contact with me.
Isabella 0030-210-8145074, 0030-6937016558

Anonymous said...

Please could you confirm that some people - or rather many people - will be getting into the shelters to make sure that during these Dark Ages all the captured dogs are at least given water and some food, and that any pregnant dogs or mother dogs with young puppies are getting at least the minimum care? If the Constitutional Court in Romania gives backing to the current appeal against the constitutional correctness of this mass "euthanasia", the dogs all risk dying of thirst and starvation!!

Michelle Schimba said...

RE: the anonymous comment, we cant confirm that the dogs get fed and watered in any of the public shelters any time, quite often they don't and this isn't a new thing. The days volunteers are allowed access are limited if they are allowed access at all, so the risk of dying of thirst and starvation has always been there. This is why its so important to fight against current standards and procedures. Of course donating, adopting, fostering and sponsoring is so important too...people are trying as hard as they can to save life's but can't without help.

Anonymous said...

Most of the shelters before this started did not feed the animals, volunteers did that. Why would they start now?

Anonymous said...

Urgent We are close to having enough funds to get the first 3 here to Canada could you please post the links below so we can get them here safely. The second group will be follow as quick as possible.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

can't find a monthly payment form but would like to give regular donations- do you have this system please? If not I'll send a one-off donation. please let me know - thanks
you do fantastic work!

Anonymous said...
you link to the wrong organization. Spike was rescued by Pro Canes & Equos. please correct your link. thank you



I would like to adopt one of your pups from the bistrita dog shelter i havnt got a facebook account so i didnt know how to contact them could you possibly get a message through to them i have also emailed you with a picture of pups with my email address many thanks

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Heather said...

Someone is interested in Flossy and has sent a facebook friend request to Jayne Sully x

Vanessa S. said...


I'd like to adopt a dog I know of that is still on the streets. Can you help me do that? I'll pay to sponsor her.