Saturday, 28 September 2013

2 special Brothers need you. One adopter for both would be great!

These 2 special boys are in urgent need of help. Paul is the badly infected leg boy we've been searching and searching for to be able to treat after failing to catch him 1 month ago. We honestly thought he is dead from septicemia by now so this Saturday night when Karina called saying she found him we left everything aside and flew there like rockets. Now we will finally be able to help him and treat him, if we receive the necessary funds for the vet. Mircea is his awesome friend and we think most likely his Brother, he is a dog so intelligent and loving, so sweet, so friendly, he gives the paw at command, he kisses your face, and so importantly, he is a great moral support for his buddy in suffering and gives him courage - the only reason we were able to catch scared Paul this time was all due to this loving Brother who showed us love and showed him he can stay he doesnt have to run away. A true friendship between dogs that is so touching to see, Mircea is the kind of dog you see on TV saving lives of people or other dogs .......they did not even fight from the yummy food we gave, although both were really, really starved. 

Please help us be able to treat Paul now that we finally got him and what Paul & Mircea want most in this world is loving homes once Paul will be healed. Tonight we had to pay a dogcatcher to come and tranquilize Paul, and we will need more funds for them, so donations to treat Paul and to sponsor their food, vaccinations &stay at TORA shelter are in big need. PayPal: 

WE ARE SO HAPPY WE CAN FINALLY HELP PAUL !!!!! Please all the people who showed your concern 1 month ago when Paul was first seen with that hugely infected leg, do not turn your back on Paul now that he can be helped ! Help him and his Brother ! Sponsor them, adopt, share them because they deserve good people to finally give them a home ♥

Bank account:
Asociatia T.O.R.A.
BT-Sucursala Bistrita
Piata Petru Rares nr. 4,
4400, Bistrita, Romania
LEI account: RO81 BTRL 0060 1205 2608 36XX
EURO account: RO30 BTRL 0060 4205 2608 36XX
USD account: RO64 BTRL 0060 2205 2608 36XX

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