Monday, 23 September 2013

Adopt Romanian Dogs says French Star

The WONDERFUL Michel Drucker, during his TV SHow Sundays " Vivement Dimanche " France 2 TV made an appeal fo the French people to adopt stray dogs from Romania...Please read and share with translation. There is also a video in the article.

The renowned TV STAR, Miche Drucker criticized, last Sunday, in his Show "Vivement Dimanche ) the way the dogs are being killed in Romania , and made an appeal to the French people to adopt stray dogs from Romania.

" Look what happened in Romania. Causescu's Romania showed an unimaginable cruelty toards animals, especially dogs, BUT what is happening since the last 15 days is horrifying : dogs are mutilated, decapitated, tortured. I saw horrible photos. Brigitte Bardot called me and she did the right thing..

I am even more touched by this situation because I have Romanian origins and this hapens in the country of my origins. This dogs is from Romania, he escaped the massacre. He was found on a sidewalk in Romania. I saw him on the internet. One can understand why he is so fearful. Call the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and do not remain untouched " - said Drycker during his show last Sunday, holding a dog adopted from Romania.
He also mentioned that the Briggite Bardot Foundation will send a special truck in Romania to bring to France dogs for adoption : " If you want to adopt these dogs, who will be brought from Romania, do it "

Belgians jumps to helpt the stray dogs " The euthanasia is spitting on democracy.

Brigitte Bardot sent a message to President Basescu after this one said that he will promugate the law in the form approved in the Parliament, without any remorse, she wrote : You made a bloody appeal.

" In front of this horrible tragedy, I want to express my endless sadness, and to send to the family my condoleances. BUT, in the same time, I am shocked to learn that a revenge which should not exist will fall on all the dogs, even on the friendly ones. To sentence an entire species in such a way, as your project intends to, is against all laws and way of life in the civilized countries of the UE" - wrote Brigitte Bardot in the open letter sent to President Basescu.

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