Saturday, 21 September 2013

And they keep on coming MORE and NEW shocking revelations from Romania ( Sept.20,2013 ) New shocking revelations surface " Two weeks before Iunut's death, two more children were bitten ".

English Translation of Original

A witness who wants to remain anonymous, made some mind blowing declarations, about what happened the day Ionut died.

The man who works in the vicinity of the park, sayd that the owner of the secutiry company "Elias Bucurica " has forbidded all  employees to give any statements about this case.

Who does not obey his orders will be fired, said the witness. The same thing was told by the security guard who helped Andrei get back to his grandmother.

Based on "Access Direct " he is afraid he will lose his job, thus he prefers not to say anything.

"The owner of that security firm, today, around 1 pm, gave this order : if any on the guards gives any statement, he will be fired, he will also be fired if he gives hiw pfone number to the media or anybody else. They are not allowed to say anything " declared our anonymous source.

This person told us more shocking details, about an incident which happened in the same Park, two weeks before Ionut's death.

From the yard of the Restaurant which is in the park, two dogs trained for fighting got out and chased two Rroma kids ( gypsies ). These dogs belongs to the owner of the restaurant. They only bit the children. The surveiallance camera facing the tennis court, is not there anymore since that incident. There are only 6 surveillance cameras left, from the 42 which normaly should have been there. " said the witness 

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