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CCTV Footage of Ionut

 The last few weeks and the furore concerning Romanian stray dogs occurred due to the death of a four year old boy. After accusing strays of his death, it turned out that there was no DNA match between the boy and the stray dogs. It then turned out that there was a witness. Anyway, here are some CCTV footage obtained by Cancan. The link to the original story is here. What follows is a English translation.

Images filmed staggering shortly before being killed Ionut: Ionut Andrei running through the park completely unsupervised

Please visit the website to view the full film.

Cancan got some pictures baffling that nobody has seen before. Tei park's cameras captured the last moments of the play the two boys before they cross the fence to left field

There are pictures with a strong emotional impact. The boys family Anghel, Ionut, 4 years and Andrew, 6 years old, in a moment of joy and play, a moment that is not predicted by any tragedy that was to follow. Oddly, in shooting with little boys, grandmother missing. One of the rooms located in the middle of the park Tei, has captured images of the two, running alone on an area big enough, without being in any way supervised.

E at 9.21. Andrew, the eldest first appears. Run fast enough on the main alley, beside the fountain. Too fast for his brother, only 4 years ago that remained serious. The small beam enters the camera almost a minute away from his brother, who is well ahead. Tiny and he runs as fast as possible, but it can get, and when no longer sees his brother stops at the intersection of two alleys confused, not knowing where to go excact. Finally we spotted times, great times we cried and then, slightly insecure resume running.

In these images, the boys head to the other end of the park - from the area that supposedly came out. Most likely continued to run until they made a complete turn around wells and the end came to the playground fence bordered by broken fence that had to enter a "different world". In the world, small and insecure, confused and tired may have been lost.

In the minutes that pass by image, the park animals. Parents, grandparents accompanying their children or grandchildren, mothers walk their babies in strollers, young go hand in hand holding. Granny has two brothers, most likely, in the area where he sat when he arrived at the park. And that, according to witnesses, it's not the same as indicated in the reconstruction of old on tv, but to the center of the park, just opposite. Far beyond the playground. 

Starting at 9.23, Anghel boys no longer appear on any of the nine cameras located in the middle of the park and the "cover" a good part of the main driveway. No it's not seen their grandmother. Even after 10.30 when supposedly old has noticed the absence and went to look for them. 

Barely 11 and 20, make their appearance in the middle of the two guards, who once supravegeasera park at their posts observation. It sits in the center and looked in all directions. It should be noted that the park is very well maintained and guarded, both in areas with swings, as well as the main or side alleys. There have been cases where children have lost their parents, but were quickly spotted. Linden Park is not necessarily a complicated park and areas are large, with large openings. So at 11.20, two employees of the security company sits centrally and watch children carefully. It may be a coincidence, but it's possible that men of old have been announced as not find grandchildren.

Time 11.36. It's been 2 hours and 15 minutes after the boys were filmed by a surveillance camera. At that time, the room number 1, situated at the entrance of the park, it surprises Andrew, eldest son of the family Anghel. Go fast, accompanied by a tall, well-built, with dark hair. Young wear shorts, a white shirt and red plaid sneakers and I hand you the boy. Enter the park, the man sees the guards and headed directly toward them, and the images are captured inside the park Room 4 of the same angle where more than two hours ago, both boys had been filmed.

The man considered "key witness" in the investigation gestures showing it on the boy. The child remains a step back and wait, and the guards look the man in the gesture that is supposed to be my grandmother. An interesting aspect to be emphasized here. In the area where they stopped the man and child sprawl dog most likely of another man who stopped to talk with others. The boy does not seem to be afraid and sits near quadruped, waiting for adults to finish speaking.

The three men and Andrei turn then to the end of the park. State Bank that the grandmother and when arrived at the park. The area where visibility is poor is old, but it may refer to the old men find her and I "teach" children. The same camera filming him the man who brought the child when, in less than three minutes after it left Andrew. He is young grandmother told about probably rebuked her saying that he found the child "just in Bamboo "(at Tuzla) and urged her to take care of him once. 's pretty obvious that the boy did not tell the rescuer or has a brother who has fallen prey to dogs and who remained on the land left. We can assume that the man would have called the police or even personally would have gone to look for the little guy. But he took the boy's hand and led him back into the park, where baiatl told her grandmother would expect. From oldies statements result even she did not know right away from Andrei Ionut what happened, but only after he calmed down, the boy told him that his brother was killed. Dogs.

Besides existing question marks in this terrible case amounted others. How long has it been, in fact, when the children were gone until she realized that her grandmother never return, running to the bank on which it stood? How could that little boy of four years, you see aabia running with his small feet - to cross such a trail through the wilderness, the moors, through an area where no adults not venture? How was it possible that both guys go down a ravine with a difference on more than three meters, inclined at 45 degrees. And then to wander through a dense forest, full of noise, garbage and carrion birds? 

How to Laguna Tei guards that they let Andrew take to the streets using their gate asked him how to come to such an area? And who is, after all, the man who saved Andrew? W e would have told him it would be perhaps very useful survey.

In tomorrow's edition will return with new details and images. Who we be introduced to the "key witness" who took on Andrew grandmother in the park and we can help you make contact with him or we may provide information about him is asked to contact us at the address or telephone number 0741 226 226. Their website is here. 

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