Saturday, 14 September 2013

Does he think we are laughing?

Peas shock again. His costume and scare the dog catcher dogs in Constanta!

Romanians knew the mayor of Constanta is eccentric, but nobody could have predicted how far they will go Radu Peas to entertain tourists on the coast.

According to witnesses, the mayor was dressed in a costume dog catcher and started running dogs on the streets, accompanied by a van allegorical and exotic dancers.

"I knew him like the costumes, but the show seemed less shocking. Saw I had a lasso with which he caught two dogs, which he later released. Everything with belly dancers, samba, feathers, crazy. dog catcher costume looks authentic, "says one of Constantenii present at the event.

Spectators say that someone should stop him Mayors already gone too far, scroll the infernal noise.

"Besides, were not even stray dogs were dogs of tourists walking around there. They had a leash, muzzle. Was traumatic," said Decebal Popescu tourist.

Source - Times Woman.


In the time it took this mayor to buy all the accessories, he could have rescued a few dogs and given them proper shelter or indeed campaigned for their rights. No one is laughing at this today. 1000s of dogs are dying and its no time for pranks. With great power comes great responsibility - and this does not mean running around town being a complete idiot. This mayor is hired to do his job. Can he do it please. 

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