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Dogs in shelters waiting for someone to come and take them. Some are lucky, others not - Photo-report

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From the street you do not hear anything. It's quiet. From time to time, just to hear the cars whizzing Pallady Boulevard. I'm on the narrow street without sidewalks on the outskirts of Bucharest.

As we grow dissatisfied voices begin to discern. In front of ASPA shelter, about 20 people crowding the gate locked.

In front of the gate ASPA Pallady

Show concern detached television reporters on the sidelines, FOUR PAWS representatives clamoring in the corner, and a handful of people waiting in front of the gate to adopt a puppy.

Aspa gate Pallady

Some can barely control her tears when they remember the euthanasia law, others are overwrought by time and beat on foot to foot anxiously clutching collars that changes are putting them out of there dogs.

Occasionally, vans loaded with dogs just get caught at the gate of the shelter. When people loose: "Criminals Do not let them in! Pound bastards." The man sitting at the gate, in blue uniform, who decide who comes in and is exasperated. It called on all sides to employees ASPA ba, ba kept the people in the street. Some ask directions, some swearing, media seek to enter. It's total chaos.

Sometimes doors open and one dog is dragged off to the breadth of the pound and got in the car for those who adopt them.A dog is dragged off to the breadth of pound.

People scream when they see how poor animal struggles at the end of the metal rod and the sky was no longer carry it.

The dog quickly reached into the arms of those who have decided to stop offering them a chance at life

However, the dog quickly reached into the arms of those who have decided to offer them a chance at life. Another soul was saved. Once you get in the car and ready to go everyone wishes they master a new dog and beautiful and healthy life.

Row moves very hard. 20-30 minutes to get each one. The guards did not abandon the "each one, one at a time." Succeed and I to go after them through the bars of the gate waving press card. Are urged to not talk to the staff, not to photograph. The reason is that "and so are under immense pressure." Incunviintez before the shelter.

Two large doors, blue metal stay open left and right. I choose to go left. A strong odor strikes me. Still thinking it's somewhat normal to smell like a place where dozens of dogs are crammed. After passing the gate blue see cages.

Again, divided into left and right. I choose to take it from one end to see the dogs. Each cage has this exit outside, in a small space. On the inside, however, five or six dogs are curled up on the tiles.

The photograph. The sound device makes to look up at me, wide-eyed and wondering. None barking. They are very good. Do not fret. I sleep in semi-darkness, side by side.

Move from one cage to another, slowly, trying to contain my emotions. From time to time, I hear many a whimper. There are dogs of all kinds. But most look bad. I do not know if this condition were picked up from the street and it is the effect of shelter.

The fact is that many are weak and sickly hair is dirty. When I entered all the cages had food and water. I try to go and take pictures, as discreetly without making them nervous. The last speaker, however, I expect a puppy wet nose squeezed through a hole in the grid cage. Yes tail and whimpers. Try petting and is quite pleased that someone gives attention.

A dog that wants out

Go see and Cushite outside. There, the same view. Dogs made pretzel stand quietly behind the fence. From somewhere in the back is heard barking. Dogs in the last box on the left seem unhappy with my presence. But others are not interested. Occasionally raise his eyes to me, but then shut them again.

Noisy as they are the last ones left speaker on a stand so still dog the last box on the right. Huddled in a corner, dirty and disheveled fur, the animal seems to await the end.

Somewhere far right, hidden somehow, there was a corral with puppies. Luckily they were noisy and drew my attention. Some of them come to make scandal in front the camera. Others shy, hiding under the house. I do not know how the room there, the fact is that not only stem seeing outside.

After seeing chickens, directed me to the right blue gates shelter. Here, different cages. They have no option to get the air and are located in the middle of the room.

I expect the same serenity as the opposite speakers. Dogs sit quietly on some wooden pallets. From time to time, get up and come near metal nets wagging tail and whimpering. Right next door to the left, a large dog, white with two black spots on the head greet visitors giving happy tail.

While I can see from my photos around the cage, more people walking around the speakers concerned with napkins in hand and crying. Everyone seeks his protege. Some seem deznadajuiti and staff complain "can not find it, why not here? Where'd you go?".

Some dogs of all shapes and colors, a Pekingese sleeps curled. I wonder how he got in the shelter? Whose it be?

Photograph them all and decide to leave the shelter. On the way to the gate, a dog waits to be high among some compassionate people. It is in a cage and expect to be taken from his new master. They are worried that the blood runny ear. Carers busily trying to reassure them by telling them that it's the ear tag.

Image of shelter ASPA Pallady

Coming shelter behind the gate, pass the peace in which dogs sunk with sadness and dissatisfaction come from noise caused by people. Out of the yard and see a large man who agitate a bag of dog food in air ASPA employees asking them to take it. For reasons we do not understand, they vehemently refuse donation. "Take this bag sir. I brought food to not starve. Why do not you accept?" Screaming man after fence.

It's already noon and people are becoming increasingly impatient. A young tattooed and well done is soon to open car door that came with captured animals. Pound and jump guards to remove. And came out with screams and howls. Two girls dressed in pink, along with their parents, one of them the mother, the other with daddy, and they quietly stand in line waiting to take a puppy.

A lady announced that in a few days to build a shelter for 15 dogs in his backyard. She's sorry she can not save more. FOUR PAWS employees refused to leave the bar. Since his death generated inceputscandalul Ionut, veterinarians from the known NGOs say they have not been received shelter inside the office though he had had there, inside, where free disinfects. They insist that I do not understand being denied access but suddenly say they will continue to come to work every day, even if it will mean eight-hour sit in front of the gate.

At one point, the police arrive and the third sector. Nobody knows exactly who called her but enter ASPA headquarters and agencies talk to staff. People in front of the gate the author expresses vehement anger shouting defend and do not feel that the police should not allow abuse of the ASPA.

The scandal seems that never ends. On one side of the gate ASPA employees, on the other hand, unhappy people. Over the fence and through the bars, people yelling at each other. Las powerful passions and I head back to the subway thinking of happy tails, wet noses who beg mercy through the bars.

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