Saturday, 28 September 2013


The Greeks to Rescue Romanian Dogs. Can anyone assist in their transportation efforts. Please pass on.


My name is Socrates and I am an animal welfare activist-volunteer from Greece. 

Actually, a group of volunteers by their own or/and in collaboration with Greek animal welfare associations are trying to save Romanian dogs in the death row, for which there is a foster home or a family to adopt them and can travel (Microchip, Passport, X days of Quarantine). We, volunteers, are deseperetivly looking for transport companies traveling from Romania to Greece that can handle this. Right now, as far as I know, a cargo with 24 dogs is on the way to Greece. The transport cost (E2800) is solely covered by volunteers. The volunteers from the Greek mission who visited Romanian shelters (Braila, Galati, Ianka) have established a list with 800 dogs able to travel (number of dogs to be confirmed). The volunteers Group is this:

We are looking 1) for transport companies that can handle live animals transport to Greece in a fair price. Please spread this message; for information that can lead us to such companies.2) Animal welfare associations that would like to help financially in this effort and organize a cargo transport. Please feel free to ask your questions regarding this initiative, foster homes and adoptions to.

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