Monday, 16 September 2013

Humane Society International.Stop the killing of stray dogs in Romania!

The Human Society International weighed in recently. They also have a website where anyone can write to the various parties in Romania. Click on this link. They say as follows.
Early this month, President Basescu urged the legalization of mass killing of street dogs in Romania as a reaction to a child’s death. Just a few days later, on September 10, the local governments acted immediately, killing countless street dogs and starting a widespread campaign to reach hundreds of thousands more in the coming weeks.
This campaign hides behind the fa├žade of “public health” but killing campaigns have been proven to be not only inhumane, but completely ineffective in population or disease control over the long term.
The Romanian government has killed more than 100,000 dogs using public funds. Despite attempts and offers to assist the Romanian government on this issue, they proceed with the killing of any dog in sight as a means of street dog control.
The suffering of these animals is completely unnecessary. Please urge Romanian local authorities to reject these senseless culls.

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