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It's hard to surpass in cruelty

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"It's hard to surpass in cruelty." Andrea Freese man sitting at the computer and clicks shaken by a series of pictures of her Romanian animal rights activists Sale Romulus sent. Dead puppies are here to see animal carcasses as they are transported in containers, dogs that have been hung on wire loops on fences. The background for the "massacre" according to Freese man is a tragedy recently when a four year old boy was bitten by a dog. About the exact circumstances of the wildest rumors are circulating. Subsequently, the Romanian Parliament adopted a law that legalized the killing of stray dogs. Local animal rights activists speak of a "war dogs".

There is not an exact number, but in Romania are 40000-65000 strays live. "While it is said that these animals should be euthanized now," says Freese man. But the dogs were virtually open season. Hardly a dog is euthanized according to their information, but most cruelly killed. "The government wants to make Romania completely free of stray dogs," the 43-year-old Haagerin is the information from your friend Romulus on, who has built up in his home country, the SOS shelter Casa Cainelui for 470 street dogs and with donations from all over the world in the process is to build a veterinary clinic, where the four-legged friend to be neutered.

The new law has caused dog haters on the scene, many would see it as a kind of "national sport" to exterminate stray dogs.

Romulus Sale writes on his Facebook page: "All stray dogs must be locked in urban animal shelters and may remain there for 14 days. If they are not taught until then, they will be killed. I need your help "There is a desperate appeal to the Facebook community, which ends with the phrase:" I am ashamed of my government, "and the comments on FB are accordingly emotionally:" Shame on all the bloodthirsty animal killer " is to be read there. Many make Romulus Sale courage to ask him to continue fighting or offer themselves spontaneously to adopt one or more dogs.

Sale has heard that despite this 14-day period, all dogs already two urban shelters were killed - 800 quadruped had therefore to the opinion of animal rights activists believe the law completely exaggerated.

Andrea Freese man now hopes to mobilize as many people to take a dog from the Casa Cainelui with him. It addresses an appeal to all: "Please sign the petition against the senseless killing of all stray dogs!" Freese man wants to make people pay attention to the condition in Romania. "The carnage must stop." (As)

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