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Lucian Boia, the problem of stray dogs: "You are witnessing a massacre of dogs that will take years'

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"We will be witnessing a massacre of dogs which will last for years to come!"

The historian Lucian Boia, in an interview given to said that even in the XIX century, foreigners were very intrigued by the big number of dogs on our streets.

He explained that this phenomenon is due to the Romanians' lack of management skills and he thinks that the problem can be solved differently: "if you ask me what I think about the latest solution we came up with - the euthanasia of dogs - I think it is a barbarian one and I do not appreciate it. Of course, we shouldn't have got to this stage, but even now I thing that a different solution could have been found.

Do you know what it will happen? It is horrible! There are tens of thousands of dogs on the streets only in Bucharest. In Romania, we will witness a massacre of dogs which will last for years to come. Romania with all of her problems, is not very well seen and now it will be the country where the people main preoccupation will be the killing of dogs. This is the image Romania will have and it is not a false one.

After they will kill them, it will happen what also happened after Basescu killed the dogs when he was Mayor of Bucharest. Other dogs came and took the place of the killed ones. But we will be the country specialized in killing dog. I think this image is a sinister one and we could make an effort - surely there are very many dogs, and we shouldn't have arrived to this point - but we could make an effort to increase the number of shelters, and their capacity to take in dogs, where they can be fed and sterilized. We need to accept this kind of spending, and I think it is not higher compared with what people steal in Romania"

Why Bucharest never was and never will be "Little Paris", how much foreigners have influenced the development of the city and how deserved is the positive image the citizens have about Bucharest between the two world wars, you will find out, Friday when we will publish the complete interview with Lucian Boia about this subject.


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