Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mayors sending hunters to shoot dogs.

Andreea Dumitrescu (IN THE MORNING POSTED ON FB)

"People, I have a very sad information for this morning to give: Today there were many dog'lives taken (more then 40) in the area nearby Craiova: Almaj-Mosneni-Beharca..
It seems that the mayors of those villages sent the hunters to shoot any dog in freedom. People called me and my mom who has her dogs sanctuary nearby that area to let us know what was going on.
It seems that no law protects our dogs, it is a war here, in Romania... please, do anything from anywhere to save what's left ....
I will try to bring photos, even though I know its dangerous for me as well.
I will keep you informed!"

Andreea Dumitrescu (8 MINUTES AGO POSTED ON FB):

Dear friends, thank you for your support, we just came back from the location and I want to make this event public as much as possible: Please let everyone know in the EU what is happening in Ro is not safe for animals nor the people and that there is a huge mafia system at all levels which encourages lots of crime, violence and blood. We went to take pics at the location where a huge number of killed dogs were but the hunters came for us and because they have friends in the police and there is a mafia they came with guns and they knew exactly who the owner of the car was, his age, his occupation. We were not allowed to go further, I and my team of another 3 were threatened by these 2 huge men with guns. Unfortunatelly we could not take any pics, we would have been in more danger if we did. Even though the hunters did not believe us, we had to lie that we were looking to ask questions of how to order some hunt meat? They did not believe us, but they let us go. After 5 minutes they as we went back to the car, and started to drive back to the village we were stopped by them asked serious questions, they let us know that they were informed of who we were (our names exactly, age and occuption ) and they gave us the impression that they didn't like our presence there. They asked very nervously how is that we got there, who told us about them... etc. After we managed to leave barely peacefully we were followed by their car to make sure we left the village. Sincerely, I am very sorry we could not do more to save any of the dogs, or take pictures but someone out there in the EU must find out all of the illegal mafia activity our mayours and police support. Please what is it do? Some one help us here, in this land of the crime, please!!!!!!!!!!"

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