Sunday, 22 September 2013

One Good Man in Romania.

We live in a material world. Most of us run after material possessions. Kindness is often lost. Many would walk by a homeless dog and do nothing. One man who didn't is this one. The story demonstrates the kindness of a man who had nothing. His dogs though loved him. Those who are assisting him tell his wonderful tale. It is a tale from the streets of Romania. A simple tale that teaches us something about the world we live in and how we should all help those who are vulnerable and in need. 

"I brought some hot food for him and for dogs. He thought that the dogs suffer beside of him and accept to give they for adoption.Just one dog he want to keep it. His name is Marcel Badoi from Moreni City,County Dambovita,near from Bucharest about 100 km distance, and he living on the streets with 5 dogs that he takes in care. Have 57 years old and he worked as a firefighter 22 years,not have a pension or a monthly income because he still hopes to work in a company. Because of the age, his disease(have diabetes,defect in speech and kidney problems from the cold) and his appearance nobody hires. His only income are plastic bottles collected from the trash and he sell them for a few bucks. I never saw to drink alcohol or begging money from the people. Four years he lived in a monastery,but he left from many seems not all believers are good people. Relatively have no family to help him.Have a nephew who is gone away. He have a ground where he built a house arranged from cardboard with no heating, no water, no door to the house ,without furniture and bed. The 5 dogs are in the same condition like him,they follow him wherever he goes. He rescued a dog from a man who beat him and left to hungry.He decided to offer 3 euro for the dog to save him from the pain. THIS IS THE TRUE STORY OF HIS LIFE"

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