Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Outrageous situation in Ploiesti. Dog shelter is overcrowded, but the authorities have stopped adoptions

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Capacitatea shelter dogs in Ploiesti is exceeded by 50%, after hundreds of stray dogs were picked up in recent days on the streets. Despite these circumstances, local authorities have suspended claims and adoptions , informed Tuesday.

A week ago, the authorities claimed that about 700 shelter dogs were given that there can be housed 750 animals. Q. Currently, its capacity is exceeded by 50 percent. director of Memorial Park Administration "Constantin Stere" Laura Moagher said Friday that authorities have denied the claims and adoption of stray dogs belonging to Deputy Mayor Julian Teodorescu decision. "Because it is a situation the crisis happened so many misfortunes, is overcrowded. (...) At the moment there are over a thousand dogs in the shelter, the capacity is 750, is overpopulated and admit this because we can not overnight to increase housing, we must not euthanized because the law has not entered into force.'s a provision sent by the Deputy Mayor Julian Teodorescu, which at this time to discontinue adoptions and demands to regularize the situation. Monday will be a meeting to form a committee. Everyone has the right to claim both and adoption, "said Laura Moagher. "dogs because I stepped lifting everyone started with complaints, and schools must begin to think that students can not defend dogs, so I increased lifting area schools and kindergartens. So everything has now come up in the schools and kindergartens, said Moagher. V Teodorescu iceprimarul Julian denies issued a provision prohibiting claims and adoption of stray dogs. Instead, Ploiesti Local Police Director, Cristian Toader, says the decision to cease returns adoption dogs and was taken to his suggestion. "We suggested to Ms. director Bucov (as it is known Memorial Park the shelter are stray dogs - No) to not be let go any dog there until the entry into force of the law, but under certain conditions. Until then, it will create a committee of two workers at the zoo and local police to verify that there are cage raised dogs, yard and everything that it takes to maintain a dog. Because we do not want these dogs to go back on public land, "said Cristian Toader. Following this decision, many animal lovers who went on Friday, sheltered from Ploiesti to claim or adopt dogs and were refused they got into an argument with shelter employees who called 112, gendarmerie and police crews traveling in the area to ensure order. Finally, those who wished to claim or adopt dogs left applications written at the shelter and will return next week to take animals. law allowing euthanasia of stray dogs that are not adopted or claimed in 14 days when they arrive in shelters passed Tuesday by a final vote of the Chamber of Deputies, decisional forum on this project.

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