Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rich Judge but Wrong decision.

The man who passed the law concerning dog euthanasia on 25th of September 2013 as a constitutional law: disability certificate with WORK INABILITY and income of 300 million old Lei for Augustin Zegrean. Augustin Zegrean, the President of Constitutional Court, receives approximately 300 million old Lei monthly through various sources. He possesses a permanent disability certificate, which is irreversible. Thus, while other people are required annually to go through all sorts of commissions in order to renew their certificate, Agustin Zegrean “obtained” a special deal as a President of the Constitutional Court. Then, on account of this certification of this disability certificate with inability to work. Zegrean retired ten years ago. And when the other pensioners’ income had been reduced, Zagrean added to his pension of about 15 million old Lei another one, the work pension, reaching 100 million old Lei. But Zegrean’s income is not limited to his pensions. To this it should be added wages from the Constitutional Court and income entering his pockets as a shareholder to many more companies of almost 30,000 Lei, i.e. 7 thousand Euro.

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