Monday, 16 September 2013

Romania Respect.

"To anyone who says that Romanians are heartless, cruel people when it comes to dogs - yes many of them are, but my gosh I have seen the most incredible Romanians at work to help dogs before and since this law was passed to kill all the strays. The good Romanian people who go out to feed and look after hungry and sick strays, who get them sterilized, vaccinated, and network them to find homes for many, who drive great distances to vets, feeding street dogs, and delivering dogs to adopters, who spend countless hours and their own money as well as donated funds from caring people around the world, this week you have amazed me yet again. There are groups springing into action all over Romania to get as many dogs off the streets and into safe care as they can, there are people posting photos of groups of strays that they have been feeding and caring for, in hopes of finding them and pulling them to safety in time, and the number of people stepping up to foster and adopt as many as possible, especially in the UK, is truly astounding! My deepest respect and my most sincere thanks to all of you!"

Written by Rebecca Jane Ashworth

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Romanian Stray Dogs