Monday, 23 September 2013

Shocking Problems at the ASPA Mihăileşti.

Translated from Original Source

Association members dog , and the dog FOUR PAWS witnessed on September 20 when police , NSVA and DSV made ​​public shelters controls from Pallady and Mihăileşti . 

Following checks , Razvan BANCESCU said " you can not do adoptions " because " the prosecution papers taken following an inspection ." Association dog , dog Mihăileşti states that have not hindered adoption , but were raised by the prosecution all the records and veterinary suspicion of economic fraud and animal cruelty . He added that all documents were returned Friday . 

 Following the presence of a dog person , dog in the shelter ASPA Mihăileşti association found 

" violations Annexes GEO 155/2001 on animal welfare and shelter operation , namely: 

 * Speakers overcrowded, no floors , no cages , no roof and no food bowls

 * The disappearance of all dogs brought to shelters throughout the period before 2013 

 * Food given directly walk the dogs and then discard remaining with droppings 

 * Dogs are not medically screened and treated appropriately

 * Ms. Adina sifter to ANSVSA refused to induce doctors to act in accordance with the law and thus begin treating sick animals 

 * Found dead dogs

 * ' And what if a dog died ? ' - Vet Dr. Popa , head of Mihăileşti 

 * Problems with necropsy * ' You're not going to count the dogs ? ' - ANSVSA Mrs. Ciurea , department head of animal welfare 

 * We were not allowed to call random adopters to see if the data correspond to those found in contracts for adoption 

 * A representative OIE Romania , contrary to policy and sterilization eminently favorable recommendations made ​​by the World Organisation for Animal Health recommends euthanasia or only involve NGOs in rezovarea management of stray dogs 

 * Mihăileşti apply euthanasia long 

 * Mobile clinics rusting in the yard Mihăileşti * Director General Treeroiu laws could not even manage a shelter after that , the powers and duties of employees * Management of Mihăileşti negligence , indifference and even contempt animal life has no place in a program to protect the dogs in the street by that shelter from Mihăileşti " .

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