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Romania: Not the euthanasia of stray dogs
"In 2000, Basescu thwarted our program of sterilization of dogs in Bucharest, it is now responsible for the proliferation of dogs and accidents that result. This tyrant thinks only kill and condemn the dictatorial policy, unbecoming a member of the European Union. We have no moral right to let this animal genocide perpetrated before our eyes, it's like back under Ceausescu. I make a final call, not the President / dictator but parliamentarians and senators can still be canceled before its promulgation, this arbitrary law. It would be outrageous, unjust, condemned to death all the innocent dogs for a single accident, the actual circumstances "is still unknown. 
September 10, 2013: The Romanian Parliament adopted a law allowing euthanasia of stray dogs
The Romanian Parliament voted the euthanasia of stray dogs (by 266 votes), only 23 MPs have spoken out against the project and 20 abstained, while several hundred people demonstrated against the measure outside Parliament.
Many cities in the world have populations of stray dogs. In Santiago, there are about 500,000 to six million people, according to official figures. But to reduce this canine overpopulation, the authorities preferred priviligier sterilization, adoption and responsible ownership.
The reaction of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation:
While the investigation has not yet shed light on the actual circumstances of the tragic accident, the Romanian Parliament meets blindness and precipitation wishes of President Traian Basescu to kill stray dogs in Romania. This policy is the President, including when he was mayor of Bucharest and he had thwarted the sterilization program funded by our Foundation. Worldwide sterilization campaigns have been proven, but Romania is an exception, the dogs are killed by the thousands and the survivors reproduce and killings are repeated ad infinitum. The law just passed in Parliament can still be appealed before its promulgation, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation will therefore explore possible remedies at national and European level as arbitrary text that threatens all dogs in Romania and does not solve anything long term.
September 5, 2013: In an open letter to the President of Romania, Mr. Traian Basescu, Brigitte Bardot denounced the draft decree provides for the systematic extermination of all stray dogs in the country. - See more here.

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