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The massacre has begun. And it is done by non-professionals

Via Occupy For Animals.

In an interview published in DCNEWS, Romanian veterinarian, Adam Zoltan, speaks about euthanasia and how Romania's homeless animals will be killed (not "put to sleep", but killed) under the new "legislation"

Below Mira's full translation of said article...

TITLE: "The massacre has begun. And it is done by non-professionals"
Original Source - DC News

Veterinarian Adam Zoltan explained why the law for stray dogs is wrong and how the body of a dog reacts to euthanausa. The veterinarian does NOT believe that the mass euthanasia of stray dogs will be done with anesthesia and lethal injection.

He declared for "" that this law: "is a mistake. The problem should have been solved differently. I could eventually agree with euthanasia, but only after I see that those responsible for this situation go to jail. 

It is much easier to take revenge on those who can not protect themselves. 

Someone must answer, and I do not consider that the dogs have to do it. 

The worst scenario, if euthanasia is taken off the table, is that the "boys" will lose their "toys", and can not make money anymore. 

I am against euthanasia, because it is an unilateral decision - I as a human take this decision, although I have no rights to do so. Everyday is a gift which God gave to all his creatures ".

Euthanasia as an ultimate solution.

The veterinarian explained under which circumstances it is done: "I do it, when I have no other solution left, when there is no reason to prolong the suffering of an animal, and only with the approval of the owner. I always start with a general anesthesia and only when the animal is asleep, I give the injection which will relieve him/her from suffering".

"What counts is to get the money, and the problem is solved"

Adam Zoltan said that the substance used to inject after the anesthesia is T16. 

Asked what could a dog feel, he said: "it is hard for me to think about it... I believe that it is not pleasant to feel that you are alive, and all of a sudden to feel sick, to have difficulty breathing, to be scared because you do not know what is happening and where you are... 

As a veterinarian you have to do it in a gentle way, if you are obliged by the situation to do it. At least in the last minutes of life, one must spare the innocent animals of unnecessary suffering. 

But, if they decide to euthanize all dogs in Bucharest, I doubt that they will put them under general anesthesia. On paper, maybe. But in reality, they will be strangled, beaten to death...

This massacre has already begun, and it is done by non professionals. All that counts is to take the money, and the case is solved. I would not want to know what will happen with those dogs, and how they will die...." 

How long does it take for a dog to die? 

The veterinarian explained that it depends of the ailment. But in this case it is not about very sick animals, because the majority of these dogs are healthy. A sick dog dies in a shorter period of time, a healthy one suffers longer. If it is done intravenous, the effect is more rapid, and the quantity of substance needed is smaller.

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