Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"The most widely used the method of luring dogs with bread soaked in antifreeze"

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At Buhuşi hasty people other than veterinarians have started to stray dogs euthanasia very next day after voting law in Parliament.

The most widely used is the lure dogs with bread soaked in antifreeze. Stray dogs die, unfortunately, in torment. It's awful ... Official local government will act after the law comes into force.

"Without adequate civic education will not ever solve this problem, we said Mayor Ionel Turkey. Now we will proceed according to the law. We can not provide permanent shelter to spend more than a stray dog ​​than a person in the village.

If we do otherwise, would mean that we are not normal. Human community must be his security. Who wants to adopt a stray, we must address in a timely manner. "

Meanwhile, the mayor is open to continuing the work of sterilization of dogs that have owners, activity, supported by Romanian and foreign foundations could be resumed in the autumn.
In the city, those who are attached emotionally strays have taken steps to move them to a shelter at Săuceşti, others have found the friends of the country placement opportunities / save them.

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