Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tragedy of stray dogs in Romania

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The Chancellor directly

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

Distraught and shocked at the moment we have to take note of the cruel slaughter of Romanian street dogs. There is a bounty on dead dogs exposed - which the killing and torturing opens the door. The Romanians are in a real frenzy. Animal rights activists try to save what can be saved - including German organizations and even individuals. Access has been denied 4pfoten today but to a clinic - what is even more incomprehensible than all the cruelty.

Is it possible for you to place an official note of protest to the highest level?

Thousands of animals would appreciate it ... Romania is a EU country, a civilized country ... but what happens there now, recalled deepest, barbaric Middle Ages. Your note has more weight than anything we can ever write and ask. 

I beg you with all my heart and thank you for your perusal friendly and greet you.

From Switzerland. Marianne Burgener

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Romanian Stray Dogs