Thursday, 12 September 2013

Two little pups abandoned in a box, near the road

"What can be more painful than death?:(( Humans cruelty? Humans ignorance? Humans stupidity? :(( I was walking to find a yard for rent and i found them:( For one little soul...was to late:((, he was hit by a car and was there, in the middle of the street, nobody care at least to take him from the road:( The other one, a beautiful little black girl with white socks, was in the box, trembling, hungry, but she didn't make no sound, just staying there and looking at me  I took her, of course, she is sleeping now,she looks calm, only her little paws are moving in her sleep, bad nightmares, poor baby:( She has no more than a month and a half" Written by Flori, Rescuer. 

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Romanian Stray Dogs