Thursday, 12 September 2013


Mom with 5 puppies on a field !!

Yesterday evening a lady from Ploiesti contacted me:

I am desperate about a mom with 5 puppies
I took her on a field
They used to live in a schoolyard
The manager of the school callled the dog caBagdat Oz.tchers
to take them and kill them
I put all of them in my car and drove away with them
but I had no safe place to take them
So I took them on a field... :((
They are not safe at all
but I have no where to take them
I am desperate…

The mayor from Ploiesti just announced that he will apply the new law and will give orders
Sponsor found for mum, pls sponsor the pups so we can arrange to move them ASAP! If if 5 ppl can commit to 10 euros a month we can do this!! to kill all the dogs in Ploiesti shelter!!

PLEASE share this widely and contact me if you could help these mom with her 5 puppies! Contact Us or Bagdat Oz.

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