Friday, 13 September 2013

Vets in Timisoara boycott law that requires euthanizing strays

Veterinarians in Timisoara boycott law that requires euthanasia of stray dogs. They decided not to assist the municipality in operation killing of dogs that are not adopted within 14 days.

Veterinarians are extremely upset that lawmakers have not considered their opinion. More specifically, they argue that the law was passed too quickly, without the defense of animal rights organizations to react. Same doctors say they will not earn money from euthanasia, which they see as crimes.

Without the support of private practice, the municipality could not euthanize than 20 dogs every day, that's because the city shelter there specialists, equipment or substances necessary.

On the other hand, the vets have lost because of £ 150 as a stray euthanasia costs half the price is the only trade margins, cash offices that are lost.

Source - Digi 24 HD

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