Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wetnose Team Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger join Peter Egan and others in Animal Teams in the protest to stop the Romanian Government from killing thousands of stray dogs.

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Press Release : Wetnose Animal Aid & Norton Animal Rescue Foundation.

Together with Wetnose Animal Aid, we are planning a new mission...To alleviate the terrible situation in Romania. I am sure that by now, you are already aware of the situation regarding the culling of stray and unregistered animals. This is truly an animal holocaust!

The initial reports that a 4 year old child was attacked and killed by feral dogs, is now being questioned...This story which recently appeared in the press, has resulted in the authorised culling of thousands of shelter animals, street dogs, and unregistered pets, having been given the go-ahead by the Romanian Government.However, this story concerning the 4 year old boy is now being brought into doubt...Gary Edwards (Norton Foundation) and the original 'A'-Team (Animal Team) from the Bulgarian 'Justice for Borko' mission, are gathering once more, and this time we may have other celebrities joining us. We are flying off to Romania, to make a documentary on the plight of these animals, and the good people who are desperately trying to save them.Updates on our mission, and updates on the current situation within Romania, will be posted here, as things progress...

This poor stray dog had its belly sliced open, during the recent attacks upon stray dogs in Romania…...Sadly, this dog did not survive...

Borko Mission & fund raising evening at Sugar Hut night Club in Essex for “All Dogs Matter” we raised £1362

The current situation in Romania is truly horrific!!
Many dogs are being burnt alive in Rescue Centres…

We desperately need donations, in order to accomplish this latest mercy mission, please donate via the Wetnose website, please help spread the word and pass on to others….Thank you.

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British Actor Peter Egan meets Joe, the most amazing rescue dog during Wetnose trip to Kabul

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