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An animal protection organization in the U.S.: I wanted to help, but I was sent home

NEWS • October 21, 2013 - 11:50 •

Representatives of international animal protection organizations have complained that they wanted to solve the problem of stray dogs in Romania, but they were sent home.

Humane Society International is an organization headquartered in the United States that promotes solving problems through solutions such as sterilization of stray dogs and pet owners responsibility.

Association representatives complained, in a statement as ten years ago, a delegation of Humane Society International came to Romania. HSI Romans wanted to train veterinarians in the management of stray dogs through mass sterilization programs.

Once in Bucharest, however, have met representatives of Mayor Traian Basescu campaign for euthanasia of dogs. Thus, local authorities felt that their services would be unnecessary and sent them home.

"Staff at the Humane Society International came several times to discuss the issue in Bucuresti stray dogs with the Romanian authorities. Decade ago, I was invited to offer advice regarding the mass sterilization of dogs, but when our staff got there I was faced with a new set of newly elected officials who were hostile sterilizing solution.

These officials said they do not need our services and we were sent home. In return, our staff reported that animals on the streets of the Romanian capital are as gentle or friendly as any other stray dog ​​in the world, "said representatives of the

Dogs in shelters waiting for someone to come and take them. Some are lucky, others not - Photo-report

Humane Society International has sent in the month of September 2013 a letter to Traian Basescu Oprescu in one's asking them to reconsider the decision of euthanasia and instead build a strategy based on sterilization of all animals, with or without a master.

"I've proposed national and local governments around the world to resort to systematic and sustained program of human management of dogs with sterilization and vaccination of animals on the streets. Meanwhile, dog owners must apply exactly the same treatment for their animals' , say those at HSI.

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