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Campaign or account for the harsh criticism of foreignness. Ponta said he opposes euthanasia and requires adoption and sterilization

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Ponta said he opposes euthanasia and requires adoption and sterilizationIn the 13th hour - but better late than never - Prime Minister Victor Ponta took action on those that are expected, ie slaughter of dogs captured

Victor Ponta gave a signal: no killing, but adoption, sterilization and shelters. At the same time claim that foreigners are not allowed to adopt dogs from shelters from the ASPA go besides law and fogged Oprescu press. Prime signal is real, or just props campaign?

Not proud to live in a country that slaughters animals

In the 13th hour - but better late than never - Prime Minister Victor Ponta took action on those that are expected, ie slaughter of dogs captured. Here is his latest statement on the issue: " There are two previous phases (euthanasia - na) adoption phase and phase sterilization, storage shelters. I would like, if we are a civilized country, to use as much as the first two phase. This is the message and my signal . I will not be at all proud to live in a country that slaughters animals . "

A few days ago, the Prime Minister also said before the weekly cabinet meeting that " euthanasia is permitted by law, the latter because there alternatives to shelters or adoption quadrupeds. "
prime minister's statements are correct, but if you stay only at this stage, it is worth damn. When he says " this is the message and my signal "we mean that the way it handled the problem of stray dogs should be prosecuted and punished at the Victoria Palace.

If it still gives signals should check ASPA PM

At least until now, Victor Ponta did not pursue anything in this matter. If it did, then the public ought to demand dismissal of Razvan BANCESCU, head ASPS who publicly declared before the new law, it will not comply with the law in force, even if the criminal will get. In other words, a state employee, and not just any, but a chief authority, announces that it complies with the law. Means unique to us and the mayor of Bucharest is "not seen, not heard" and the Prime Minister is silent.

If Prime Minister Ponta wants to give a signal, then you should pursue and how ASPA employees working in the field. They do not use tranquilizers to anesthetize dogs before you capture. Why not use to this question must meet all ASPA head. And the prime minister control body must verify returns. Because you might have surprises and acts occur tranquilizers costs. Also, Prime Minister's Control Department should tempt the ASPA declare the actual number of dogs in Bucharest. Because if you continue with donut "are 65,000 dogs in Bucharest, then certainly there is suspicion of fraud, ie it is possible that past acts are fictitious cost many thousands of dogs, specifically, someone will put public money in your pocket .

Lastly Premier Ponta must devise and subordinates in the party - an example is the mayor Pendiuc in Pitesti - which gives evidence that does not care about the law and announced publicly that it intends to pay citizens for dogs captured.

Foreigners will adopt Bucharest says "nein"

If it still says he wants to give a signal, Premier Ponta must take account of this news presented by Antena 3, which we reproduce below: " euthanasia law adopted by the Romanian Parliament this month sparked a wave of anger across European Union, where NGOs protest euthanize stray dogs. 

Journalists from German television RTL made ​​a report about this case and about stray dogs in Romania were adopted by families in Germany. Germans interviewed by journalists from RTL are outraged at the possibility of stray dogs in Romania to be killed.  

They argue that in Romania, dogs are not euthanized, but brutally murdered. But all agree that our country must take action in relation to the tens of thousands of dogs are on the streets.  

They say that the law enacted by Parliament is too drastic and require the authorities and NGOs to build shelters. Those who want to adopt dogs in Germany complain that he wanted to save more dogs from death, but the Romanian state offered this possibility. Outside the country were initiated campaigns to convince animal lovers to adopt The more dogs and thus save them from death " .

The news on Monday night. So after Ponta's statements and those made ​​before Oprescu mayor who, as usual, elegant steam press will do and what will mend. waiting premier Ponta reaction linked to preventing foreigners to adopt dogs shelters. 

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