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Daciana Sarbu: 'A Head with Two Faces' -- One face smiling at the death-bringers, the other face smiling at the protectors!

October 3, 2013 - The sun is slowly setting on the public's respect for the institution of Europe. A horrified civilized world looks on as the country of Romania whose corrupt re-deployment of assigned public funds has consistently failed to introduce any humane strategy to control the homeless animal population such as has been achieved in every global civilized country. 

The result is the legitimization of an 'eradication' policy which will result in the destruction of many hundreds of thousands of street animals. Destruction by traditional Romanian methods which include injection of substances such as injecting with anti-freeze, battering with shovels, ADD TO LIST - like practiced in the past. Since the new "legislation" the following methods - although not acceptable in any other European country - are now totally legal and even encouraged, such as the use of carbon dioxide, carbon oxide, potassium chloride, nitrogen, electric shocks, penetrating captive gun.

This policy was rapidly implemented due to the EMOTIONAL response of the population because of the death of a child ALLEGEDLY caused by homeless animals. 

The civilized world watched in horror as this draconian policy passed through the Romanian parliamentary system. Appeals were made to the EU. 

BUT the major body of Europe whilst disagreeing with the policy... could do NOTHING. Society demands a better response than.... NOTHING! 

But we have a body whose function is to assist with the erosion of the word NOTHING. 

But we listen in abject horror as a Vice-President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, Daciana Sârbu, during a recent exchange, identifies to the world that she is totally misinformed about policies and events over which her position demands knowledge. 

This to be compounded because of political interest with her association as wife of one who had, throughout the scandal caused by the 'slaughter law', kept a very neutral position and refrained from openly telling if he was in favor of the euthanasia of stray dogs, or against. After the 'slaughter law' became "legislation", the PSD leader made it clear that he "does not want to live in a country where homeless dogs are being slaughtered". This statement came a bit too late, in our opinion... But, now as Romania's Prime Minister, he will HAVE to live in such a country, together with all the other good people, the animal protectors, and all those innocent children who would not want to live in such a country either. But who cares?

May we, as the public, who are represented, challenge the ignorance within this exchange...

Daciana Sârbu unprofessionally, compared the new law in Romania to those in Germany and France. Not so de facto! Romania will kill dogs, healthy or not. This is NOT a policy in a civilized society. 

The order of magnitude? Hundreds of thousands will die in Romania. This is without precedent in ANY developed society. 

Madame Sarbu critically alludes to emotions driving reactions when indeed the policy of legitimized mass slaughter in her country was emotionally driven. 

The public now questions the expertise of those who represent them in the European Arena. Questions are now asked about what is 'suitability for purpose' of these non-elected representatives?

Madame Sarbu's delivery was profoundly unprofessionally uninformed. What qualifications does she have to command respect? In Romania there is an understanding that qualifications can be achieved by corrupt means. Was this the foundation of her acquiring such an elevated position? Does this not also demand further investigation of the root element, so apparently readily accepted by European Institutions, challenge the validity of qualifications of the significant Romanian officials. There are suggestions that this too is consistent with a profoundly corrupt society. 

The sun is setting on the day of trusting these individuals and authorities BUT a new day is dawning and the light from this new day is shining directly onto the inadequacies, ineptitudes and practices of those individuals and authorities who should be reflecting realities and advancing change and not posturing and presenting ill-informed defences of a policy which has created a shiver of abhorrence throughout the civilized world.

Please continue reading, and listen to Madame Sarbu's historic speech, which she had given at the Intergroup-meeting from 12th of September, 2013, at: 

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