Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dog Rescue Shelter


Moderator introduces who is Dr Rudolf Hoffman from Dog Rescue.

Then the first question :

What does such a shelter  do ? Meanwhile it shows Ciupi too, the cute dog Dr Rudolf brought with him and just learning that it was adopted in Finland. So  Dr Rudolf said that Dog Rescue is a project in partnership with other veterinary practices, that saves dogs on the street, dogs with health problems or aggressive dogs, also refers to the hysteria related to euthanasia of the  dogs and yes, it is agreed that the place of the dogs  is not on the street .Consider euthanasia as a last resort for dogs that can not be saved but believe that by promoting proper adoption procedures all dogs may find a owner and a forever home.
   Second question
What we have to do when we find a stray dog on the street ?

Dr. : First to do it’s to go with the dog at a vet., for medical control, vaccination etc and after that , if we can’t adopt the dog to go an one shelter and let the dog for at the  shelter . Another option to encourage adoption Dr say it’s adoption at distance, were the owner of the dog will have to pay all the cost for the dog , food, vaccination, medical care etc
Last question

How important it is for adog to be well cared and eating properly ?

Dr. : Is vital that the dog be fed well and properly cared, a regime of proper nutrition provides whole body balance and also behavioral problems will not occur.

….the rest of the discussion between the moderator and that girl.

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