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In Brasov, strays will be euthanized

Author: Ionut DINCĂPosted on October 22, 2013. Translated from Original Link.

Teams pound each action will be accompanied by a representative of the Association "Millions of Friends", and after the deadline can be accommodated in the municipal shelter dogs will be cared for by the association.

In Brasov, strays will be euthanized

Brasov authorities have found a solution to the four-legged stray high on the public not to be euthanized after the 14 days that can be kept in the shelter of the municipality and are not claimed or adopted. Brasov City Hall, the Public Service Management Animal enter into a partnership with "Millions of Friends", so after this deadline stipulated by law, until the dog is adopted or will get "export" of caring for strays to association handle, Law 258/2013 establishes that stray animals that are raised on the streets and are not claimed or adopted within a maximum of 14 days may be euthanized by authorities. 

Two teams pound

Also, next month will act with two crews pound the streets of Brasov, in two shifts, each team will be composed of three persons, one of which is representative of the Association "Millions of Friends". "Through this partnership will be implemented after the City Council meeting this month we will take a decision in this regard, we will raise the dogs from the streets, not kill them, so everyone is happy. Seizure activity and will be by public transport management service animals, but with the support of employees at "Millions of Friends". And asylum work from Stupini will run under the supervision of the Service, and a representative of the Association. After passing period prescribed by law, stray dogs will be cared for by the Association , "said Deputy Mayor Adrian atom (photo). "This cooperation agreement will remove any doubt about what happens to these dogs after they are taken the streets. Problem dogs has become a social problem and no animal protection associations or authorities if acting alone can not solve " , added Cristina Lapis (pictured), president of the Association "Millions of Friends". 

And Braşov should be more responsible

This underlined the fact that Brasov has to be more responsible, because the streets are not strays refill. "abroad, no one is allowed to leave the dog in the street, but we still have major problems in this sense. These stray dogs do not fall from the sky, but still end up on the streets of negligence. It is also in the interest of the animals to be microchipped, and neutered, so not to have health problems later, such as the occurrence of tumors. However, if a dog is microchipped and lost is found more easily. If you love a dog and have to be responsible. Do not leave the block and then do 11 chickens, as I had a recent case. In vain they collect if they multiply continuously. We have to stop, not to produce dogs. I think we all want a city with no dogs on the streets, but without euthanasia " , explained Lapis.

750 dogs currently in shelters  in Brasov

After upgrading, homes can be hosted at Stupini 300 quadrupeds, and at the Yard, belonging to the Association "Millions of Friends", 600. Currently, Stupini just 150 dogs, most of which is already taken by the association, but the shelter yard is now full. In March, and so far, 48 dogs were adopted and town officials will initiate a campaign to popularize the adoption and hopes that this action will involve other animal welfare organizations that can not handle on the maintenance them. "We do advertising that will promote adoptions and also will sign a partnership with the School Inspectorate to do a campaign to educate children regarding the protection of animals and the environment, things got a little distant lately " , said Adrian atoms. 
Regarding the "export strays" procedures are not simple, but quite expensive. In ten years, "Millions of Friends" managed to send abroad nearly 8,000 quadrupeds. So far this year, arrived in Germany, England and France 150 dogs until recently walked the streets of the city.

Any dog ​​is neutered for free

Compared to other cities in Brasov Association "Millions of Friends" Free sterilize any dog. Those who want to castrate dog can program the telephone number 0268,471,202. Are invited especially those who have dogs at the premises of companies and which often end up on the street. "sterilization costs to veterinary practices between 200 and 300 USD, depending on the size of the animal, but we do it for free. When dogs are on industrial sites can be contacted and we come and take dogs, sterilize them, vaccinate them and then bring them back, " said Cristina Lapis.

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