Thursday, 3 October 2013

Mihailesti Shelter. Dogs Left in the Rain

"These are the conditions in the public shelter Mihailesti, one of Bucharest's public shelters, managed by the City Hall. the dogs were outside, with no protection from the rain other that a net with holes in it, usually used for shadow from teh sun, not for rain protection. it was pouring rain for 2 days and the dogs were vet to their skin, they were shivering and just begging for some help. when i question the employees of the public shelter regarding this they simply said that they dont have time to take the dogs inside. the conditions inside are not much better, they are sleeping on wet concrete floors, but at least is warmer than out. only when we came with the television, they started to move the dogs inside. it was a 30 minutes job and they couldnt do it in 2 days, they just left them there in the rain and cold for 2 days"

Source - Local NGO via Facebook.

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