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Romania's record of cruelty against animals.

Romania has made in recent years many cases of abuse against animals that have horrified public opinion in our country, but also outside the borders. Sites newspapers but also a rich video content are full of sinister characters that afflict dogs, cats or horses, showing a terrifying cruelty. FOUR PAWS Upon request, the General Inspectorate of Police informs that during 2011 - 2013 were recorded 879 serious cases of animal cruelty, criminal offenses in Law no. 205/2004 on the protection of animals, as amended by Law 9/2008. In 387 cases were indicted. Moreover, in the last four years were imposed 290 sanctions for failure to comply with the same law. Here are some of the situations that some of our people have serious emotional problems that are reflected upon dumb creatures.

Earlier this year, many animal lovers abroad were seized after a rumor emerged about the fate of two stray dogs of medium size, that were sprayed with gasoline and left to die. "Stop the abuse against animals," stated in the message. Local authorities have cleared this case spoken of a lot in the online environment.

In 2011, several men were attacked with knives Amstaff dog breed after his clash with a stray dog. Dog was killed, and his master was butt to kick to death by assailants.

Also two years ago, a priest in the city of Baia Mare was accused put poison in several areas of the park in front of Assumption Church. Several people have died after quadrupeds were walking in the area. "The priest has threatened us if we walk otrăvâşte dogs with them there," accused one of the owners who lost their pet.

This year, a Bucharest neighborhood Camp Road was charged with neighbors threw that on the 8th floor, a stray dog who was in the care of neighbors. Residents have made complaints to the police against the alleged perpetrator, and he denied that he had any involvement in the abuse.

This year, a herding dog that was guarding a flock of sheep was shot several hunters, because the sheep had entered the animal's owner, without realizing, on private property. In Bacau, two bred dogs were shot by the owner of land, because quadrupeds invaded territory. Dog owner watched helplessly, with his son, execution, and the two were threatened that they would suffer the same fate if they do scandal.

Another incident of this kind had a starring Forest ranger from Bacau. The man shot two dogs belonging to a shepherd. "She said that dogs are only good for shot. He had mercy, "he told the shepherd. Abuser motivated gesture, saying it was attacked by quadrupeds.


This summer, a Labrador was shot and killed while being walked by her mistress. Aggressor's got a hard, without reason, animal, and told the woman to take a normal dog.

Two weeks ago, in Ploiesti, 14 carcasses were found stray in different areas of the city. The dogs had been poisoned, and animal lovers have accused local authorities for mass murder that took place.

The same kind of problem was found last month in Moreni. Some townspeople were awakened by screams Dâmboviţa the agony of several dogs that were poisoned by persons unknown. Similar episodes have occurred in the city in the past Moreni.

And residents were shocked Targu Jiu when observed on the streets, more strays who died after being poisoned. "You could see that they had poisoned the foaming at the mouth. A bitch writhe, but not close to her cubs to not jeopardize "a witness told

România, campioana actelor de cruzime îndreptate împotriva animalelor 

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