Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stray dogs in Romania scandal that followed the tragic death of Ionut Anghel, a victim is at the highest level: Traian Basescu.

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President of Romania has become one of the most hated figures in native Germany after a documentary by post RTL television badly inflamed spirits in this country. Animal protection organizations have rallied and have started a campaign against the unprecedented measures taken against inhuman considered strays Romans. The target of this campaign is, ironically, the man who, at least theoretically, had the lowest mixture euthanasia law in adoption: Traian Basescu . At this point, what happens to dogs in Romania is compared with the persecution of Jews by the Germans during the Second World War. Therefore, Traian Basescu is compared to Adolf Hitler and animal lovers heaven heads the European Union to remove this character and "corrupt regime" in the leadership of our country. Moreover, in another image "advertising", Basescu appears laughing wildly while his gun to finish, the message is: "The only real solution." Basescu's forehead is written "killer of dogs and cats". Finally, another photo shows a cat prepares to fire a gun and the sniper writes his name Basescu: "Judgment Day has come." In Germany, dogs are not eutanasiaza. Stray dogs are neutered free of their authority, but it's rare to see stray dogs in this country. That's because the fines for those who drop out are harsh. Dogs with owners are never left unattended and are not allowed to enter the parks for children. We recommend neutering for dogs with owners, otherwise, the owners have to pay a fee in addition to local tax, write wowbiz.ro 

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