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Victor Ponta. Prime Minister of Romania. What a difference a day makes!

Written by Occupy4Animal. Please read the special page dedicated to Darciana Sarbu.

Romania's Prime Minister Ponta - and timely right for World Animals Day - seem to slightly change positions from being 'neutral' to being 'a bit more humane' and made an 'impressive' statement. 

Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania, husband of Daciana Sarbu, one of the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conversation of Animals, throughout the scandal caused by the 'slaughter law', had kept a very neutral position and refrained from openly telling if he was in favor of the euthanasia of stray dogs, or against. After the 'slaughter law' became "legislation", the PSD leader made it clear that he "does not want to live in a country where homeless dogs are being slaughtered". This statement came a bit too late, in our opinion... 

Yesterday, in the 13th hour - but better late than never - Prime Minister Victor Ponta took a stand about what is about to happen: the slaughter of all captured dogs. In his latest statement on this subject he said: 

"There are two phases before the euthanasia: the adoption phase and the sterilization and keeping the dogs in the shelters. I would like, if we consider ourselves a civilized country, to use more the first two. This is my message and my signal. I will not be proud to live in a country where animals are slaughtered"

Oh really? Come on, Ponta? ... NOW?

It is true that his "message and his signal" has some value, but without action, it will only remain nothing but a signal...

You can read the entire article in the following link:

Yesterday, Ionel Blănculescu economist, and one of the advisors of Prime Minister Victor Ponta --- who has always been opposed to the 'slaughter law' and who had already made a strong statement on 11th of September, 2013 when he wrote about Romania being drowned in blood --- described on his blog the terrible situation in Romania, generated by the killing of the stray dogs.

Below the online translation of said statement:

"There is a very deep rift in Romanian society, between half of the population and half animal lover, animal lovers of ADEPT final solution to solve a major problem that the company faces. The population is divided, and the hatred between the two halves is horrendous. But besides this feeling of mutual hatred, which I think Romania is not needed at this stage of its development on a global crisis fund seemed endless, cooperation and solidarity but rather defining dimensions necessary thing happened extremely regrettable, affecting half of the population loving animals, loving people. It is a truth that needs to be proved, who loves animals, loves people, who does not love animals does not love any people, the latter are the ones who actually do the most harm people, society nation, the country in general, which I have not shown.

If you were to do a sketch of the person who loves animals and hence people might say that it is evil, irrational, cynical, conflict, throughout their life only made the rottenness and evil and wickedness he directs pus frustrated as many failures, especially personal, which is harder to see with the naked eye, thanks to the rule of dominant positions in society, temporal course, against a population of animals, dogs, so close man. (...)

But when some children are beaten regularly and not only when you get stones in the body associated with pain when you wake up with a boot in the belly or snap when I broke my nose with a kick is applied directly into the nose, flushing it blood or worse, when you are served instead of a morsel of bread, a bowl of antifreeze and die in agony or stay and live with sequels and unimaginable pain, how can you react? Those who today are complacent ordering mass murder on such explanations are complacent pain except their pain or relatives in the family, hence my horror at the thought of how we are different, even if we assume that we are all humans . (...)

Animal lovers people's lives changed radically from the time legislating mass murder on dog population. They live a hell, a nightmare constantly suffering enormous jerk sleep at night because of the macabre dreams, the appearance pound live dramas, trying to save their dogs to being strangers who are seen and considered, even before being caught , gentle on the sidewalk or in a corner of the building, or on the grass, not suspecting what awaits them, as victims of domestic atrocity ".


Article from 11th of September, 2013:

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