Monday, 25 November 2013

Press Notice from Mel Royal. Boycott O2.

Mel Royal who  protests and campaigns for the welfare of Romanian dogs has had her Twitter account suspended yet again. Last time it was reopened following our petition. As Twitter has no idea of the importance of certain causes, we decided not to allow their bad mooded conceited behaviour stop the campaign. The campaign will now continue via this blog, G+ and various Twitter accounts belonging to Royals friends. 

This was the press notice sent from Mel Royal today. She obtained celebrity support now.

O2 support Animal abuse. 

By supporting Romanian Film festival They saw things  sent a while back!!
They do not care.

Am doing protest at shop in Brighton.
I have a lorry with a message to O2.

That will drive around the west end.
When we will tell every one of #Romaniastopanimalabuse

There is a direct message to them on the lorry,
so everyone will know,

They think dogs being stabbed, burned and beaten to death. Buried alive hung, drove over by cars!!   And having acid thrown on them. Is not a problem for O2!!
See picture of the dog. I have a lorry with a message to you.

Please visit this link.

And see what is going on!
Dog who had acid thrown on her. #Romaniastopanimalabuse
See picture 2000 this abuse has gone on long enough!!

And I will not stop until it does!!

A number of people Retweeted Mel's cause. They are.

CBE Hilary Devey, and well known tennis player.

And ladies on loose women
Coleen Nolan Sherrie Hewson. Lisa Maxwell
Have all supported me on twitter now!

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Mel Royal said...

So sorry I thought Greg Rutherford was tennis player. He is a famous sports man. But not tennis, my error.

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