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Respect club protested against killing of stray dogs

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The rally was a "vigil", which is to call people to the cruel killing of street dogs in Romania back into consciousness. With lots of bare skin and fake blood, it was the activists on Saturday anyway guaranteed to attract the attention of passers-by. The goal: To end the killing of stray dogs in Romania.

Protest petition and photo campaign

Chairman of the Association respecting Tom Putzgruber in interview: "It can not go on in Romania simple. We just were not arrested at the Romanian Embassy in Vienna because of our protests short, but at least now are the messengers obliged to pass, that there is resistance to the dog killings outside of Romania. "
To support the club has respect even thought of a photo campaign: Who can be photographed with a protest poster in front of a European interest, which comes to a photo collage, in mid-November then, together with the collected signatures to the online petition , in Vienna to be handed over to the embassy.

Street dogs are euthanized

Background is a controversial law that allows the Romanian local authorities to euthanize stray dogs. The law is unconstitutional since the end of September 2013, and was decided by the Constitutional Court (VGH).President Traian Basescu should countersign the law, may now those dogs that are not adopted at the shelter for 14 days, to be killed. However, it is also possible to extend the shelter stay.
"The euthanasia is the ultimate solution to the extreme solution", VGH President Augustin Zegrean told the news agency "Mediafax". About 150 people took part in the Romanian capital Bucharest on a spontaneous street protest against the decision. Since the House of Representatives on 10 September has passed the controversial law, protests against the killing of stray dogs will be held again in Romania.

Thousands of stray dogs in Bucharest

In early August this year, had bitten a child of four stray dogs. Then the tightening of the law was decided subsequently brought against the parliamentarians at VGH 30 because of the "trauma of civil society" opposition. In Bucharest alone, there are, according to media reports, more than 65,000 stray dogs, thousands of city residents are bitten annually.
That there is a problem with the number of the stray dogs, which also agrees with respect Coordinator Putzgruber: "The number of dogs has multiplied, since housing blocks were built in Bucharest, where no dogs were allowed. People wanted to still keep their dogs and kept and fed them on the road. That was never checked and today they have the problem, "the animal rights activists. Putzgruber raises further serious allegations against the Government of Romania: "Then there was EU money syringes for neutering programs that were simply used for something else." The aim of the association is to ensure that the funds are invested in programs castration - and not in the killing of the animals. Because that would be indeed determined the simplest solution, but also the cruelest.
Respect the club holds the next vigil against the killing of stray dogs in Romania on Saturday 9th November at 9.30 clock in the beginning of the pedestrian zone in Freilassing (district of Berchtesgaden country).

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