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Bobby needs a home in the UK.

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Bobby's story is an extremely sad one, for 3 years he lived by a bus stop in Bucharest. Surviving only on the kindness of a lady in a newspaper kiosk, she could not take him home with her as she already had a dog and was living in a small flat. Poor Bobby had to ensure the abuse and cruelty of living in a country where dogs are viewed as vermin by many to hurt and abuse as they wish without any repercussions from the legal system. Through starvation dogs are forced to approach humans in hopes instead of a kick, a beating or worse they may receive a piece of bread , anything at all to calm the pain in their tummies caused by hunger. 

The majority of the time they will not receive any food, no scrap of bread but would suffer the physical abuse of every day people who think nothing of beating a dog with an umbrella, a stick or whatever they wanted to do to them.

Poor Bobby with his little legs and his friend who similarly small(another stray) would much of the time have to try and out run their abusers, sometimes they were lucky, sometimes they were not. At night they would try to keep each other warm by night snuggling together at the bottom of an apartment building. Some winters would see the temperatures falling to -37, how they survived these extreme conditions is a miracle in itself. 

In Bucharest they round up the strays, throw them in large pens, sometimes holding 50 dogs at a time. They will leave them there to starve or kill each other. Little dogs like Bobby simply do not stand a chance in public shelters with these conditions. As the dog catchers were focusing on the area Bobby and his little friend lived the newspaper lady was terrified what was going to happen to these two dogs, these two friends. So she made a plea online for help.

Because Bobby is so friendly and submissive he was easy to catch, take into foster, seen by a vet and made ready to travel to safety. His friend, still is to be caught and hopefully given the same chance before the dog catchers find him and seal his terrible fate.

After Bobby was made ready to travel, vet examination, fully vaccinated, sterilised etc he was brought to the UK where he is now safe in foster. He is such a wonderful dog, a little nervous at first which is to be expected considering what he has had to endure, but you know there is not an aggressive or mean bone in that dogs body. All he wants, all he craves is attention, for someone to fuss him and tell him he is good boy.

He truly will make someone a wonderful companion, we advise a family with older children not because he is aggressive but because Bobby has been through so very much he deserves a more calm household. 

Bobby is:
Vet checked
Fully Vaccinated
EU Pet Passport

A friendly loving dog needing that chance of a forever home, for life maybe just once to give a small dog a break, a dog that until now only ever wanted someone to love him but instead was beaten,chased away, shouted and screamed at. Can you give him this chance? Do you have the family that will be patient kind and understanding of Bobby and give this little dog as much love and care that he deserves?

Please contact his foster carer if you think you can give this amazing, brave little dog a home

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