Friday, 27 December 2013

URGENT HELP. Julya needs help!!!

Please help! Julya needs a virtual adopter to can put her safe for the moment and to cover her vet expenses=179 euro, then we need a real adopter for her!

Julya was found by a girl lying in the street. Getting closer, she noticed the dog had a leg injured and she was crying of pains.

The girl took the dog at the vet. After examination, the leg of Julya was operated and now she is ok. She also was neutered.

We need your help to adopt Julya and to help us cover the medical expenses for

-leg surgery=93 e
-neutering=40 euro
-accomodation and postoperatory treatment=46 euro.

PLEASE ALSO ADOPT HER VIRTUALLY, helping to cover a foster of 50 euro to can put her safe after she will be removed from the vet office!!!

Otherwise, the surgery would be in vain, if we let her free again in the street!

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