Monday, 24 March 2014

All 68 dogs belonging to Paws2Rescue have been released this morning from Bragadiru shelter

"ALL 68 OF OUR DOGS ARE OUT of Bragadiru and we are taking them all away: every dog stolen on Friday has now been released. These are the happiest pictures we have ever seen. To all Paws2Rescue rescuers and everyone in Romania who has helped us today releasing these dogs - THANK YOU from everyone across the world who has been praying with us. We are crying with happiness.

The dogs need vet checks, medical treatment and some urgent vaccination, and our rescuers need help to cover the costs - there are a huge number of dogs to deal with.

Please send by paypal to: to help our team out there pay the costs."

At this hour VIER PFOTEN team recovers the majority of the dogs taken ilegaly by ASPA on Friday, the 21st of March. We'll keep you posted!

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Erick Lamb said...

Well done everyone involved!! Great to see a Good outcome & Happy ending story! The Dogs look delighted!! ��

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