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MEP Andrea Zanoni (PD), one of the Vice-Presidents of the INTERGROUP writes to Commissioner Borg about the 'Rabies Letter"

"The Commission has the legal power to intervene!"

Below, Google translation into English of the Press Release that Mr Zanoni has published on his personal blog, at:


Press Release of March 7, 2014

MEP PD must sign a letter signed by hundreds of associations and citizens to EU Commissioner Tonio Borg that highlights the illegitimacy of using EU funds to manage the dog population so violent in Romania. Zanoni: "The Commission can and should intervene. The European taxpayers' money can not be used to commit these barbaric."

MEP PD Andrea Zanoni, vice president of the Intergroup for Animal Welfare and Conservation of Animals to the European Parliament, has signed a letter along with well 211 between associations and European citizens addressed to EU Commissioner Tonio Borg to propose a solution to the violence in stray dogs in Romania. "The letter clearly shows that the European Commission has the legal authority to intervene in the ongoing cruelty directed at the canine population in Romania," said Zanoni.

"In order to qualify for the co- financing of the EU , EU law provides for the selection of effective policies. Beyond the moral condemnation that we have repeatedly addressed in Bucharest , according to the unanimous opinion of experts worldwide, the "catch and kill " put into practice in Romania in no way constitutes an effective policy - adds Zanoni - This means that until this strategy can not be replaced by a solution based on international best practice, the Romanian program for the eradication of rabies is not legally eligible for co-financing by the guarantee Fund of the EU".

"Any continuation of the co- financing of a policy is not only ineffective constitute a violation of EU law, but a flagrant violation against European values", urges MEP who has personally visited Romania in December last year to make the point of the situation and ask local authorities a clear commitment to take non-violent management of stray dogs.

The letter also says that the burden of proof is the Commission's view that Romania does not use funds awarded under other programs, directly or indirectly, to finance large-scale management activities of the canine population enriching private contractors who operate as contractors for local government clients.

The letter, sent a copy to the European Court of Auditors, the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals of the EP and the Director of the G DG SANCO " eterinary Affairs and International", Bernard Van Goethem, was signed by: Teresa Rizzo, President, Association bastard race non-profit organization, Alessandro Di Rienzo, President, Coordination Isa, Carla Rocchi, President, National Board RSPCA Animal Protection, Massimo Pradella, Chairman, International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA), Gianluca Felicetti President, LAV, Gian Marco Prampolini, President, League Leal Antivivisezionista non-profit organization, Piera Rosati, President, National League for the Defense of the Dog, Massimo Comparotto, President, Italian OIPA (International Organization for Animal Protection), Solveig Boccatius, Shelter-Canalba, Sara Turetta, President, Save the Dogs and Other Animals.


Vi ringrazio molto, caro Signor Zanoni!


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